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Option Two: Electric Boogaloo

As reported in the Emerald today, our friends at the MCC, whose views on legality and fairness have been extensively recorded, have created a petition in support of restoring $94,600 of lost stipends. Mike Sherminator Sherman has cleverly named this second option Option Two. The money would come from overrealized funds.

[Kit] Myers said group members are “really hoping” for the second option because pay cuts disproportionately affect low-income students and students of color. He said group leaders’ pay is small, but it allows some students to participate who might otherwise have to work elsewhere.

Blah blah blah race blah blah blah poverty blah blah. Clearly, there are problems with the new stipend model, with some groups like KWVA and the MCC receiving all their stipends and other groups like APS being cut drastically and for no apparent reason. Most of the ethnic student unions had one or two of their three stipended positions cut, which is disproportionate only because there are so many groups.

Here’s my solution: If you are a low-income student (full disclosure, I am a low income student), which is not synonymous with student of color, you should probably seek gainful employment outside of the ASUO. If you want a leadership position, then suck it up. Leadership opportunities and resume fodder should be their own rewards. And seriously, can anybody live off $125 a month? Is that anything but beer money? Maybe thats why these students are so damn poor.

Read Ian Spencers take on the new stipend model and its flaws in the last issue for the real scoopThe Senate will convene tonight to vote on Option Two.

  1. Timothy says:

    Tyler: Is the nonsense a result of what Adrian mentioned last year, that the new PFC wouldn’t be able to figure out the new rules?

  2. Tyler says:

    I’m actually looking at a list of all of the stipended positions right now… I’ll give you a flavor of how nutzo this model is.

    Black Student Union ($18,848): Next year they have two stipended position, down from five. They lost stipends for their outreach coordinator, programs coordinator and assistant programs coordinator.

    Community Internship Program ($15,213): It has one stipended position, down from eight.

    Hawaii Club ($7,567): Kept both of its stipended positions.

    Interfraternity Council: Kept its sole stipended position.

    KWVA ($90,197): Kept all 11 positions, including its web page designer position and its newsletter editor position, both of which (website, newsletter) are pretty much non-existent

    LGBTQA ($13,864): Lost two of its positions.

    MeCHA ($20,459): It will have three positions, down from eight.

    MCC ($98,973): Lo and behold, the MCC didn’t receive one cut. All five of its upper-level positions will pay stipends next year.

    Native American Student Union: It will keep its three stipends.

    Oregon Voice ($10,016): Will receive two stipends, down from three. Apparently their layout person will have to find work next year.

    This is my favorite … The Student Insurgent ($17,882): It will keep all three of its paid positions, including its “graphics” guy. That must piss off the OV.

    Seriously, there’s no rhyme or reason to why some groups received cuts and others didn’t. What I showed you is representative of how strange the new stipend “model” is. However, it’s not like any directors got their stipends cut.

    Casey, I’ll have to amend my post. It was APS that received the massive cuts. DDS, which has a slightly larger budget, will keep its two paid positions.

  3. Casey says:

    If anyone deserves a stipend, it’s the kind folks at DDS. Giving up Friday and Saturday nights to cart around drunk frat guys with sluts in tow is stipend worthy. Everyone else can sell plasma if they want extra weed money, like the rest of us.

  4. Timothy says:

    Tyler: why don’t you tell the folks at home how much your leadership position at the OC pays you? Oh right, it’s nothing.

    Dear MCC,

    Get jobs you lazy pinkos.


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