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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

“Special Senate Meeting” Friday Night

And by “special,” I assume they mean “law-abiding.” Here’s the agenda:

ASUO Senate Agenda
Special Senate Meeting
Date: June 9, 2006
Room: EMU Board Room
Time: 5:30pm

I. Call to Order
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Approval of Minutes
IV. Old Business
A. Elections of Summer Chair
B. Elections of Summer Vice Chair
V. New Business
A. Summer Senate Committee
VI. Announcements
VII. Adjournment

Also: meeting minutes are still not available online for the 5/24 and 5/31 Senate sessions. And one can only wonder what the 6/7 minutes will say in regards to the voting.

UPDATE: An ODW story on the new meeting can be found here.

  1. the mole says:

    athan papailiou looks like a gay version of mr. burns when he runs… u decide

  2. Terrance Howard says:

    It’s hard being an idiot out there. Word.

  3. andy says:

    omg – I leave the blog to defend the country for a few hours and looks what happened.

    And if I had no social life, how could we have created all those happy memories at rennies threatening each other with bodily harm? So what if my social life consists of getting really drunk off jager and then becoming belligerently violent – it’s still my social life. Gosh..

  4. Terrance says:

    Definately man, haha thanks. That’s actually really cool that only about 6 guys are main contributors to the Commentator. And Andy, i really was just kidding man, i will leave you guys to your discussions. sorry fellas, thanks.

  5. niedermeyer says:

    Terrance: The number of people who contribute to the Commentator varies year to year, month to month, day to day. Our core staff is at about 6 right now, with a significantly larger number of occasional contributers. And yet, somehow all the work basically gets done by about three people.

    To the issues:

    1, Student politicians are not innately bad people, and I am personally giving the new executive and senate a fresh chance to prove the point. That having been said, there are almost no historical evidence to suggest that they will be any better than the capricious, time-and-money wasters who have gone before them. Optimism is the only thing that keeps me from chucking it all in and making the Commentator the first student fee-funded skin mag.

    2, Andy has no social life. He totally pussed out when we went to the bar last night… something about having to work for the Marines all weekend. God, what a loser. Oh, and he does have a girlfriend, as much as he may deny it.

    3, Andy and Tim are not sad little men sittin alone in their rooms spewing hate on the internet. That’s your job “rod.” Andy and Tim are far to busy sitting alone in their rooms spewing hate which gets published in the finest journal of opinion to be found in the city of Eugene. Owned.

    4, Calling out the only published gun columnist in Eugene by saying “you know where to find him” is just plain dumb. OK, so it’s a joke… haha. Next time pick your battles, and start shit with an Emerald ethics columnist or something.

    5, Damn.

  6. Terrance says:

    lol sorry that last post got off on accident, im just playing andy, that actually was pretty funny and i don’t even know rod. so how many people work for the commentator?

  7. Terrance says:

    lol! I’

  8. Terrance says:

    “sniveling little rat”, thank you baisically telling me who you are and where i can found you, try telling my boy Rodney to kiss your ass again.

  9. andy says:

    LoL Rod!!
    Uhm, this is OUR website so that’s a reason we do check it often. I WRITE for the Oregon Commentator and Tim is a past EDITOR.

    Who’s doing the slandering? It’s obviously you – my opinion of politicians is based in facts, while yours is complete tripe.

    Interesting criticism –
    “These two are the types who spend most of their day locked in a room during the summer staring at a computer screen. They

  10. Timothy says:

    I can’t speak for Andy, but you know the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons?

    Yeah that guy is pretty much my hero.

  11. Rod says:

    Dear Timothy and Andy…you two are very intelligent, well articulated young men. You both seem to be fairly productive and focused people. However, you both also seem to become fairly riled up about a website that you probably check every day. That’s sad. What’s even worse is you don’t use it to be productive but rather to slander someone else. So now it is your turn. To everyone who probably will never read this…Tim and Andy are two wastes of talent who can’t think of anything better to do but bitch about the productivity of others. Also they tear others down so they can feel secure in themselves, but how secure are they really? As one can see from the above text, they let a few comments get inside their head and send them spiraling down towards their favorite emotion, “hate.” These two are the types who spend most of their day locked in a room during the summer staring at a computer screen. They’re not very social and tend to be extremely bitter and probably sexually frustrated. They will also most likely write back to me talking about their girlfriends or all the social things they do which in reality they are just making up, in order to prove me wrong. It’s really sad gents. I feel like I just wasted moments of my life writing this but hopefully I can put some perspective into your sorry little lives. Maybe now you can actually step outside and see that the world needs people to improve it, not sit around and bitch about it or the people trying to change it. This is the one and only comment I am going to write on this page because I actually have better things to do, but I thought I’d just help you two out a little bit. Stop being bitches and do something with your lives.

  12. Timothy says:

    I’m glad you’ve graced us mere mortals with your divine presence, Jamal. I feel as if I’ve been truly blessed this day.

  13. Jamal says:

    Good job Tim i didn’t know, you seem to have quite a successful career ahead of you, honestly. I just hope you got a little satisfaction in the fact that someone out there might be reading this and now knows that you,

    “model the commercial loan portfolio for a $10 billion bank as well as administer the incentive comp plan for our commercial lenders (including forward-looking projections, system maintenance, and officer training)”

    Good stuff man, hope some girl out there reads that and gets impressed. And, for the record, has no one ever from the ASUO gone on to be successful? you seemed to point out quite a bit of negatives. But you

  14. Timothy says:

    We’ll beat that optimism out of you yet, Senor Niedermeyer :-).

  15. Niedermeyer says:

    Let’s keep in mind through all this the standards to which politicians are held these days. Nationaly we are pretty clearly at a post-Watergate low, so it is really depressing to see the generally low quality of material coming up the tubes. At the same time, I’m sure just about anyone removed by a few years from college age would agree that their decision making abilities were er, underdeveloped during their formative years. It’s more of a reason than an excuse, but it stands.

    Tim: I really don’t want to think that everyone who enters politics does so for the basest of reasons, but then again, almost every politician I can think of is pretty relentlesly toolish. I’d say it has more to do with the jobs than the innate personalities that fill them.

  16. Andy says:

    My boss – FSA, MAAA, told me a few days ago a very important saying:
    Bullshit in, Bullshit out.

    That pretty much sums up every single person elected to the ASUO, and most appointments.

    What is really most distrubing about you is that you think these people ARE going to be sucessful. It’s like shit idolizing vomit.

    My employer is a 2.6 Trillion dollar-largest corporation ever. Ha! j/k….

  17. Timothy says:

    Yes, I certainly fear the policy-sci and PPPM majors on the job market. I’m sure their quant skills are second-to-none. I mean, what is Adam Petkun up to these days, anyway? Jay Breslow? MUNGER? Eddy Morales? Eric Bailey?

    Breslow appears to be sort of involved in starting a charter school in Springfield after a stint with some local activist group in Eugene. Impressive.

    Petkun seems to be riding a bus around Oregon as the Lane County Chair of the Oregon Bus Project. I mean, wow, Wall Street here he comes!

    MUNGER, as of last year, became Executive Director of the OSA. So, I guess in the world of political advocacy she’s moved all the way up to treasurer of the chess club. Her brother Ben went from UO OStudentPIRG toady to OStatePIRG toady, I’ve no idea what he’s up to today.

    The only info I can google on Eddy real quick is a series of Oregon Commentator stories.

    Bailey is coodinator of a minor Amnesty International chapter, but at least he’s trying to help the women of Juarez, Mexico. Still, I’m not exactly tense about my new droopy-looking overlord.

    So, as you can see, I’m terribly impressed with their stunning achievements. I do fear they’ll reach the pinnacles of success long before I do, I mean, I only model the commercial loan portfolio for a $10 billion bank as well as administer the incentive comp plan for our commercial lenders (including forward-looking projections, system maintenance, and officer training). This career is a dead-end for sure. I’m easily replaceable, sure, but let’s not pretend that the former ASUO kids are acheiving some glorious utopian future. They’re mostly doing what they did in college: pointless activism on some sucker’s dime. I’m just glad that sucker isn’t me any more.

    And, for the record, the reason that politicians are scum is that it takes a certain type of untoward character to want power over others through the force of the state. ASUO folks don’t actually have any power, but they like to pretend they do. It makes them, perhaps, more annoying than real politicians but not nearly as dangerous.

  18. Jamal says:

    Wow i have to say pretty mature comments andy and timothy. So if you were elected to ASUO then everything would be rainbows and sunshine wouldn’t it? Cause man we gotta watch out for EVERY single STUDENT politician don’t we. Every single one is a blood sucking leech just out to get all us good-natured students, right? Sure there are probably many problems with the ASUO, i grant that, but to say every single person that is elected suddenly is scum is idiotic. So while they are getting involved within the campus to secure better jobs when they graduate, have fun working for them, k pumpkin.

  19. Timothy says:

    I have to say I agree with Andy on this one. Student politicians are pretty much the lowest scum-suckers except real politicians. And I’m including contingency-fee workman’s comp lawyers.

  20. Andy says:

    It’s doubtful that any politician can be a good person. As to the respect issue – there is probably too much given to these imbecils. Especially given the incompetence of the majority of the ASUO, we should probably be swearing, threating harm, and throwing putrid food at them whenever they show their worthless asses in public.

  21. to "the truth says'" says:

    I believe Athan Papailiou is a good man and a strong candidate for the University of Oregon. To call out a fellow student and a nice young man at that in a public forum with the use of such foul language and disregard for respect is awful. Athan is only trying to make a difference the best way that he can, and if you can not deal with it, do not vote for him. Enough said.

  22. curious onlooker says:

    What are the livejournals that the meeting minutes are referring to? can someone find out.

  23. Tyler says:

    Indeed, Anthony. In times like this, I often ask myself: What would our glorious leader Ronald Reagan do?

  24. Anthony says:

    It looks to me that someone is a little bitter that they appointed Athan. The only persons who received that email from some estranged high schooler were Kyla Coy and Adam Walsh. Now…talk about character bashing? It really is a dick thing to do especially if no one was actually there. We are in college folks…drop high school bullshit!

  25. Toby says:

    So what was the result and what all went down?

  26. Nick says:


  27. anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how the revote went?

  28. Internet Investigator says:

    Note: Athan at the time appears to be the ASB President, it appears someone was given a position in student gov’t rather than be elected to the position.

    Emergency Legislative Meeting

    4/26/05 2:52 pm

    Speaker: Athan Papailiou

    Purpose: to address the ASB Treasurer problem


    1. We will not be discussing past issues.

    2. There will be a secret ballot for what to do about the ASB Treasurer opening. The Executive Council, Club Presidents, and 5-At-Large are eligible to vote. One person may not represent two separate positions.

    3. Administrators did not find the LiveJournals; the LiveJournals were brought to their attention by an outside source.

    4. Administrators cannot and have no interest in monitoring LiveJournals.

    5. The previous meeting where the ASB class ruled to appoint the runner-up as ASB Treasurer was unconstitutional because it violated by law 8.

    Options for filling the position:

    1. Re-vote

    2. Appoint the runner-up

    3. ASB appointment

    Further discussion:

    I. ASB had good reason to appoint the runner-up

    A. logical

    B. elections must be held in April

    C. ASB had no knowledge of who the runner-up was at the time

    II. Responses from last meeting

    A. the process that which the ASB Treasurer position was filled was not democratic

    B. the student body wanted a re-vote

    III. Ten minute open forum- any additional issues?

    A. Drilling: rumor that Brady was involved in the change; he had nothing to do with it

    IV. ASB, Clubs, and 5-At-Large will now vote by ballot

    A. Anne and Mrs. Engle counted the ballots

    B. Decision: there will be a run-off election

    Meeting adjourned

  29. Toby says:

    Truth, gotta fix the link, I must say I am very curious…

  30. Miles Rost says:

    Uhm…404 error.

  31. The Truth says:

    I pray to God those new suckers on Senate put their goddamn head on straight. Athan Papailiou is the most sneaky and manipulative politician around. Look at his history: some fako person came forward named Ursula Pennsylvania and wrote this to the ASUO during hirings:

    There is an incoming freshman at U of O named Athan Papailiou. He was the ASB (Assosiated Student Body President) at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, OR. He was a highly corrupt politician at Lakeridge High School. It is very prudent to use any means possible to keep Mr. Papaliliou from gaining political power at the University of Oregon. The details of Mr. Papaliliou’s corrupt dealings and the investigation of corruption by the Lakeridge High School newspaper are documented here:

    Rumor has it he gained Sara’s trust to talk her out of running, she’s a goddamn pushover and fell for it but got smart and changed her mind. So Athan sweettalked Kyle to bash her character during the meeting and low and behold the results. Don’t think Sara isn’t full of shit either. She’s a true politician, would do anything to keep people happy, such as drop out of a race. Spineless.

    What the newbies should do is 1) stop being the hugest tools in the world 2) stop being the hugest suckers in the world. 3) write in Jesse Ventura for summer chair 4) elect Sara in fall

  32. Matt P. says:

    “College politics is the most brutal form of politics, simply because the stakes are so small.” –Winston Churchill, Henry Kissinger, Wallace Sayre et al.

  33. Miles Rost says:

    Special meeting…

    Is that anything like special sauce?

  34. Michael G. says:

    We should contact the Bill Bradbury’s office and file a complaint. That way we can sit back and watch even more government do-nothingness.

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