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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Be Thankful For The ODE

It’s not often you’ll read those words from me, but it should be noted that there is substantially worse student journalism out there. I’m taking some classes at UTSA to get geared up for grad school, and this is what I have to amuse myself with before the chem lecture starts. It makes me miss Mike Kleckner. Oy vey.

  1. Vincent. says:

    *NOTHING* could make me miss Kleckner.

  2. Olly says:

    Dude, there is *much* worse out there. I’d post links, but I’m saving them up for a book. (This book will be entitled “Man Works On Campus Somewhere hurricanes continue”)

  3. Vincent. says:

    Nothing could make me miss Kleckner.

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