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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Mark Hemingway on NPR today

Just wanted to let you all know that OC alumnus Mark Hemmingway was on NPR’s All Things Considered today to talk about the recent news that the Iraq government is banning Blackwater USA from working in the country after civilians were fatally shot in a gunbattle involving Blackwater employees. You can here the interview here, and read more about the Blackwater story here.

  1. Danimal says:

    If we don’t get it right, Hemingway will sit on us. Sit on us all!

    I tuned in the radio yesterday, and I was like, “That sounds like Hemingway.” And then it was. This is a true story. You should have been in the car with me.

    Also, I think this makes two OC alums appearing on NPR. It’s a danger to the bona fides.

  2. Timothy says:

    Fixed it, Dan. Geeze, I should’ve noticed.

  3. Danimal says:

    One “m.”

  4. Niedermeyer says:

    Remember kids, put in your time at the OC, and you may someday get a chance to hit on the babe-queen of afternoon news analysis, Melissa Block!

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