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Daily Emerald Loves Police

The Daily Emerald, in their infinite wisdom, continues to push for more police on campus. In an editorial today, the Emerald cites that the University of Oregon only has one EPD officer per 5,000 students. According to the Emerald, Oregon has the lowest ratio of officers to students when compared to schools of similar size.

While the Emerald complains about a lack of police, they fail to mention why we need more officers on campus. No stats are given about a rise in crime, and the editorial does not mention any recent emergency where DPS failed to respond.

DPS can barely keep itself together, and adding more officers to mess things up isn’t going to help. The Emerald should attack DPS for being inefficient and mismanaged before it starts calling for more officers.

  1. driz says:

    exactly! i don’t know how that rubbish got itself published. we don’t need more cops on campus.

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