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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

UK’s Dirtiest Old Man Turns 112

Henry Allingham, one of the three survivors of World War I still alive in Britain, has just had his 112th birthday. A founding member of the RAF and a veteran of the battles of Jutland, the Somme, and Ypres, Mr. Allingham’s longevity is, by his own admission, the product of years of “cigarettes, whisky and wild women”.

The Commentator salutes Mr. Allingham as an example for us all.

  1. […] Polecat – the highest honor the Commentator awards. The last person we bestowed the title on was a 112-year-old WWI veteran who claimed his longevity was the result of “cigarettes, whiskey and wild […]

  2. Lauren says:

    you rock dad! keep smoking!

  3. Lauren says:


  4. Vincent says:

    Ain’t no one complaining.

  5. Carly Erickson says:

    I will live forever, ciggy in mouth.

  6. katy says:

    boys club

  7. T says:

    “My great grandpa smoked cigars until he was 100 and lived to be 106.”

    So clearly you have a six-year life expectancy after you quit. Light up!

  8. Ossie says:

    My great grandpa smoked cigars until he was 100 and lived to be 106.

  9. Michelle Haley says:

    Yeah Carly you’re going to live forever.

  10. Carly Erickson says:

    Cigarettes do make you live longer… I knew it.

  11. Timothy says:

    Somebody get this guy a Sudsy T-shirt.

  12. Mwalsh says:

    Don’t worry Jill, “dirtiest old man” is a compliment. His age is merely overwhelming proof of the anti-aging effects of living like a true man.

  13. jill gray says:

    I take offense to calling my Grandfather the “dirtiest old man”. With all of his accomplishments, I think you could have found a better headline. What he said was in jest and not meant to be taken literally.

  14. CJ Ciaramella says:

    This man is an official Ol’ Polecat.

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