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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Emergency Senate Meeting

No, I was not at ASUO tonight.

But short story:

Nik Antovich was appointed to Con Court, which should be really good for next year. I know we give Nik a lot of crap on this blog, but like I’ve been telling everyone, he’s a really smart person and makes great decisions. He’ll be a good voice of moderation on the body next year.

Lee Warnecke resigned from Senate tonight, too. I don’t know why, but word has it he missed me too much. As a potential leader of Senate next year, his principles and logical thinking leaves Senate at a loss for next year. Hopefully somebody else will be able to step into his shoes. Calling Neil Brown…

  1. … one city at a time

  2. gully sucks says:


  3. Jones for Senate President says:

    Good afternoon OC,

    I am letting you know that I will be forming a rally in the fall to back Kate Jones as Senate President. For many ASUO enthusiasts like yourself, it is evident that Kate Jones is fair-minded, honest, loyal, and serving. Her courage in the Senate this past year has been enough to launch her into a successful run as ASUO President, but instead she knew that serving students would be best done in the Student Senate.

    The Senate next year will have members from two political camps on campus. Unlike many who have established a culture of corruption in the Senate these past two years, Kate Jones will not let the premature political alliances tarnish the ASUO.

    We need effective leadership. We need Senator Jones at our Senate President. Join our cause.

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