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Senate Notes

CJ was unable to cover tonight’s senate meeting due to a previous engagement involving some Geology students, and an alcoholic beverage or two.

So, I tried for my first time, to act as a journalist. Instead of summarizing the meeting, I feel like it will be more interesting to post my notes, verbatim, so it’s like you too were at the meeting. I’ve also included a head shots of the senators, because I call them by first name, and don’t want to confuse anymore.


P.S. Happy 21st Birthday Senator Jordan Schenck!

Senate Meeting

  • much talk and shuffle of agenda
  • motion to limit speaking time to 5 mins before the agenda has even been approved–voted twice, failed twice.
  • much contention over allocating surplus to women’s center speaker for women of color series
    • Emma made the point that the funds available in the surplus acct aren’t readily announced.

    –Perley manages that

  • Johnny wore his chewbacca costume to the meeting.
  • Auth’d transfer of funds for mecha for Dia de los Muertos event
  • APS gets gas funds for an extra van running on Fri & Sat.
  • Elections board appointments
    • Rachelle–outreach coordinator, PPPM & ES major, junior, attractive (Drew) seems competant, but doesn’t really understand what her (potential) position is… Does not know what the I-Fee is, vote passes 12-3-4
    • Kate–applied for Office Assistant (ASUO) and is now being recruted as the “office manager.” “I don’t take a viewpoint in anything” in regards to elections grievances Passes 18-0-1
    • Mariah–Smells, probably doesn’t wear deoderant. Has experience working for Obama’s campaign. -voter ed coordinator passes 17-0-1
  • OSPIRG! This rep smells bad too. I’m glad this is almost over cause I’m tired of smelling it. He’s here to talk about a GIANT packet that includes everything OSPIRG’s submitted to the UO in the last year. Seems like no one’s read the packet. The tone seems to me that they’re afraid their contract is going to lose $$ so now they’ve decided to become transparent.
    • originally on a 10 minute speaking and discussion limit, Senate decided to give OSPIRG unlimited discussion. Derek asked one question, then the senate moved to end dis. It took more time to discuss the discussion than the actual dis took.
  • Committee Updates
    • ACFC; talks w/pit crew about bball tiks being given by priority to students that wait in a looong line for the shirts


  • DFC
    • New Chair
    • Kate’s vice chair
    • 30 min meeting
    • 61% increase req for campus recycling to continue the compost program
  • PFC
    • Their benchmarks by Friday
    • Friday’s meeting will talk about the historical model of programs getting hurt for not spending money, and hopefully changing that practice. Meeting at 3pm Friday in the board room.
  • EMU (they asked me to do this since I was present)
    • The EMU passed budget goals today
    • Allocated publication space to ITConnections
    • Spoke about assessments affecting budget so heavily, waiting on Sam to hear from Admin.
  • Added Ethics comm. to agenda for 2min dis.
    • The ethics comm isn’t meeting. Jordan scheduled a meeting and no one else showed up.
    • Not meeting puts senators in non-compliance, by not attending committee meetings . We should look the committee meeting compliance rules up–grievance.
    • “Let’s keep it germane” -Tyler
    • Added 5 more mins to this discussion.
    • Sam mentions that Kate wrote an ethics bill after the orig. campaign for change. Should look this bill up on con. court site.
  • Exec
    • recognizes Mind the Gap as a student group
    • Exec guidelines should be out tomorrow
    • ACFC may get a 7% rec (the max) and the EMU may as well.
    • Hallo-Scream needs volunteers for the weekend stuff.
    • More student senate seats on University senate.
    • Voter Ed. working on “get out the vote” some success w/in-class presentations, but not open meetings. There will be a dodgeball game called “don’t dodge the issue which will be at Halloscream in the rec.
    • LTD
      • informative open-forum, but not very forumy
      • had an emergency meeting w/Robin about the U’s commitment to providing transportation.
      • Bolstering APS & DPS as well as looking into other options besides LTD
      • Anti-putting Admin money toward student contracts because it can serve as a Loop hole for the 7% budget increase cap.
      • ED. Major-working really hard recruit–no appsĀ  30 days non-fulfillment on this Friday-bought ads-sent emails-they’re going to start in-class “presen-frickin-tations” -greek life chapter meetings
    • LTD again
      • Sandy about accepting admin money for LTD. Sam “[doesn’t] want to put a bandaid on a gunshot wound.” Sandy wants to discussion over-realized/I-Fee info since it has a Nov. 1st deadline. This issue will probably be taken to the state board of ed to make this decision. 2 mil won’t be gone it is being given back to students Alex asks Sam to explain the buy-down process AGAIN in “under a minute.” Sam speaks quickly!
      • I love Nate Perley ! He is drawing a chart on the chalkboard Econ 101. The graph was for LTD
      • Senate decides to add the 5 minute speaking time limit (the one they failed, twice, earlier in the meeting).
    • Over-realized discussion
      • basically senators are pissed, but it’s not their decision to make!
      • They say the money is senates’ to give out
      • But the money being available in that fund is not the senates’ decision.
      • When we ask non-U sources for $$ they see all the extra money available in our accts.

      Who is David Griffin

    • $25k-75k

At this point I left the meeting to go to Rennie’s, it was about 10:30pm. I’d love to see the Dirty beat this!

  1. Alex Tomchak says:

    Speaking as the Campus and Federal Politics Reporter for the “dirty,” you’re on.

  2. Outside Observer says:

    This is the first time I’ve gotten a glimpse into the workings of student government and I gotta say, I haven’t seen such ridiculous gossip and incompetence since probably early in my high school career. It’s hilarious you people just seem to blast those who challenge your own bad ideas and reveal you as sub-par problem-solvers. It must be no coincidence that any Political Science classes I’ve taken were not only the easiest classes I’ve taken, but also the ones filled with the most whiners and self-important gossipers. I can’t believe you people handle my money.

  3. Chris says:

    Except we’d be tossing around a cool million here or there too…

  4. Vincent says:

    This thread is pretty much how I envision actual Senate meetings playing out.

  5. Betz says:

    Ain’t that the Truth …. Oh Snap!

  6. TRUTH says:

    Oh yeah…stop stealing my name and stop posting here. Get a life cuz right now you are stuck in mom’s basement.

  7. TRUTH says:

    Truth = concerned student = sen shultz = sam dotters-katz = dumbass

  8. Truth says:

    Concerned student = Senator schultz

  9. I hope that Cthulhu makes a bid for ASUO exec.

  10. Supporting Sen. Scandalios says:

    Why hasn’t Sen. Scandalios been considered as a contender for ASUO Exec. ?

    He’s ambitious, conservative, and anti holy cow. Also, he held a leadership position on the emu board last year.

    He announced that he was presidential scholar club president at senate last Wednesday. Poising himself for a campaign? I certainly hope so.

  11. Truth says:

    Concerned Student = Sam Dotters-Katz (aka dumbass)

  12. Ella says:

    You guys need to grow up. I am not running for Exec.

  13. Concerned Student says:

    No need to steal my name Derek. And who is ella?

  14. Concerned Student says:

    Ella Barrett is too smart to pick nick scuhultz. I think the smartest senator is perley!

  15. Betz says:

    Why do people feel it necessary to talk about ASUO gov. bids as if it were this shadowy, ‘Deepthroat’-style conspiracy?

  16. Kai Davis says:

    Isn’t the election in ~6 months? Have Sam and Johnny had a scandal yet?

  17. ThunderLove says:

    Are we talking presedential campaign rumors already

  18. Drew says:

    Who is Barrett?

  19. ASUO Rumor says:

    ASUO insider Barrett is teaming up with Schultz in a bid for the Executive.

  20. Jackson says:

    I hear David Griffin is Sen Schultz’s Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Adviser. Is Schultz paying Griffin with part of his stipend or a few bangs of the gavel after the Senate meeting?

  21. Drew says:

    whats up rachelle

  22. Gsim says:

    Actually, I found that to be slightly more interesting than I thought it would be.


  23. Sakaki says:

    David Griffin…I think I know who he is. What did he do?

  24. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I want summary and tiny pictures. I’m a 21st century media consumer.

  25. Betz says:

    Add a few errant pen scratches and blood stains, and I think you have another chapter of House of Leaves

  26. Timothy says:

    In future I might stick with the summary.

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