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A More Solid Defense

In light of the increase of attacks on campus, today’s front page story on the OL’ DIRTY is a piece on self-defense. Although the article advises using everything from hot coffee to car antennas (antenni?) as weapons, I did notice one seemingly obvious omission. Therefore, I present this as an alternative to concerned students:

Thanks to OC Publisher Guy for showing this to me. Also, here’s Monty Python’s classic take on self-defense.

  1. Gsim says:

    It is a pity that the sociology professor made mace/pepper spray out to be nearly useless depending on wind conditions.

    With proper training/knowledge and correct mind set wind conditions will have no bearing on the effectiveness of pepper spray.

    Also, not all violent attacks are a surprise to the victim (the Ryan Kelly touched on that). Criminals often foolishly project their intentions and which can create plenty of opportunity to access defensive tools.

    I also call bullshit about the jujitsu instructors claim that 95% of fights end up on the ground, but I’d tell people that too if I taught ground fighting for a living.

    I’ve never been to a self defense class for women, but I’ve spoken to a number of girls who have and many of them have unrealistic expectations as to what their new karate moves will do for them.

    That all said If I was a 100 pound chick I wouldn’t depend on grappling and some spicy sauce to keep me from getting raped/murdered/brutalized.

  2. Scott says:

    Ahh yes, derrick comedy.

    Famous for Bro Rape.

  3. Sen Justice says:

    Do you know if the crimes on campus have been a result of the administration’s removal of students from PSAG?

  4. Jake says:

    What if he has a pointy stick?

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