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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Panic at the University

As if Swine Flu, which will wipe out all life on earth, weren’t enough:

Today the University hosted not only Foreign Language & International Studies day but also hearings by the Ways and Means Committee to discuss budget cuts due to our outstanding deficit. The hearing today is the last of eight hearings held around Oregon. So we’re in the tank by about 4.4 billion, which amounts to something like 25 percent of our state budget.

The hearing has drawn out all kinds: professors, students, state employees, and citizens. Most prominent were representatives of Education, Public Safety, and Human Services. These groups packed both floors of the Lillis Auditorium, with the upper floor watching a live broadcast of the first floor. Geoff Sugerman, Communications Director for the Speaker’s Office, maintains a stoic outlook on issue. He noted that all areas will probably recieve cuts. In spite of this, he noted that the committee is looking to protect the most vulnerable citizens.



And in other news, the University also held the International Studies and Foreign Language day today. Highschools from across Oregon, and even one from Washington, descended on Campus for a fun day of discovering foreign culture [or just University Advertising]. As if there weren’t enough children on campus already.

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