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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Oregon, Athletics and Prison: A Love Story

What is it with Oregon athletics? We just got over the infamy of being the “Jail Blazers,” the pot smoking, player punching, reckless driving numbskulls of the early 2000’s…. then we have Blount sock a guy in the face and run after a fan… then we get an alleged theft charge against Masoli and Embry… and now…..

LaMichael James faces domestic violence charges.

After reaching the Rose Bowl, the offseason hasn’t gone so great for Oregon. Three weeks after starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was accused of stealing laptops, top running back LaMichael James has been arrested on a domestic violence charge.

Police in Springfield, Ore., would not discuss the incident. James, who ran for 1,546 yards as a freshman last season, is facing misdemeanor charges of menacing, strangulation and assault.

This is not the first arrest for James. He was charged with disorderly conduct and third-degree battery in 2008. Those charges were dismissed last year.

Masoli and James were the two top offensive weapons for the Ducks in 2009 and both were mentioned as possible Heisman contenders.

There was no reaction from Oregon after the arrest.

“We don’t know any more than than what’s been reported,” athletic department official Dave Williford told KVAL News

Right after I get all happy about the Marcus Camby trade to the Blazers, I get all sad. PS: That trade was awesome, and, even if Camby doesn’t work out (he’s a bit old if you haven’t noticed), he’s a free agent next year and it opens up some cap space for us to make a push at signing a big, young guy, like Bosh or Horford or something. Cross your fingers.

It’s just not fair. This could have some serious ramifications toward next years team if menacing or assault gets upgraded to a felony.

Maybe Oregon should start an MMA team or a professional klepto-team or something and actually win a championship.

  1. Evan Patrick Thomas says:

    1) Sorry, meant Al Harringon. Who’s not nearly as good. But still good.
    2) Bosh is a long shot but signing Camby just made it more possible. Bosh is an 8th year vet which means his max contract is 11 mill or 25% (25% is often the higher one, so it’s more like 13 mill). There’s questions in the air about several things, though: A) whether or not Bosh will ask for a max contract, and B) how much cap cut will take place. If some things from the Gods go in our favor, and we drop Juwon Howard, Bosh is just available.

  2. nike urbanism duk says:

    You cannot stop the goose-stepping self-destructing Ducks. More to come.

  3. matt says:

    There’s no way the Blazers could sign Bosh. And Horford’s not even a free agent. We have no cap space even after Canby comes off the books anyways.

  4. Alex L says:

    How many of those yards were “away from the police”?

  5. SEC says:

    You forgot to mention the beating with the two place kickers. Beard, the one who was hospitalized with injuries, is being charged with an assault misdemeanor as are two other people who were involved.

  6. Ekblad says:

    Hopefully we can keep our “strangle hold” on the pac 10 conference next year….

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