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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Rousseau Announces Exec Staff

Amelie’s executive staff:

Accessibility Advocate: unfilled as of yet
Elections Coordinator: William Price
Environmental Advocate: Nathan Howard
Events Coordinator: Molly Bennison
Finance Coordinator: Kamal Ararso
Gender & Sexual Diversity Advocate: Kelsey Jarone
Graduate and Non-traditional Student Advocate: Kyle Smith
Housing Advocate: Amanda Hilts
Legislative Affairs: Sara Marcotte-Levy
Multicultural Advocate: Alexis White
Outreach Coordinator: Brian Allen
Political Director: Robert D’Andrea
Programs Administrator: Sinjin Carey
Programs Liaison: Abby Fergeuson
University Liaison: Braden Wolf

I gotta run to the bank, commentary will come later.

  1. de lancie says:

    wow…he finally went to the darker side…nice d’andrea

  2. runamuck says:

    I’m so happy we got whitey being our multicultural advocate…

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