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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

WTF Siren?

So today there was a copy of the Siren flopping about on the office floor and I picked it up to spit my gum out and instead started perusing through it. Not saying I enjoyed it much, but on page 30 a DO-IT-YOURSELF cutout appeared….

This specifically.

So being the curious cat I am, I built it and ended up with this…

So now I have one question… WTF SIREN?

What is it? It looks like it’s supposed to hold index cards but why, of all awesome cutouts you could have done, would you do this crap? Someone told me it was a tampon holder. I still don’t know. Can someone please tell me WTF this is?

I’m specifically talking to you, Siren…

  1. student says:

    i’m pretty sure he has better things to do than actually try to read the crap in the siren.

  2. Rybri says:

    If you had read page 24….it’s a dual purpose letter/envelop. See what you get for not reading the directions?

  3. Sophie says:


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