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Promised Commentary

I said I’d make some commentary on Rousseau’s executive staff hires, and I will. But first, read Tomchak’s article about the fact that ROBERT D’ANDREA IS AMELIE’S BOYFRIEND. Hate to say I told you so . . .

So, ultimately, I don’t have too many problems with Amelie’s choices of staff hires. You know, except for Robert. The only concern I have is the appointments of Kelsey Jarone and Alexis White to Gender and Sexual Diversity Advocate and Multicultural Advocate, respectively. Both of these individuals are up for a position on the Programs Finance Committee, the group that determines funding for ASUO student groups. If one of them receives that PFC position (Programs Representative, for those playing along at home), not only would it create a conflict of interest, but it would likely be too time consuming of a position to maintain both. Students are allowed to hold one elected and one appointed position, but since both positions would be appointed, they would probably have to choose. On the other hand, one position was appointed by the ASUO Executive and the other would be appointed by the Programs Council, so I’m not sure on the logistics of that.

Kamal Ararso, Finance Coordinator, was chair of the Programs Finance Committee this last year and secured PFC’s budget benchmark at .81%. This means that the total budget of the PFC only increased .81% from the year prior, as opposed to the 5.34% benchmark for the 08-09 PFC. I certainly considered this a victory, and Kamal’s diligence and mathematical and budget competence will lend well to the position.

Sinjin Carey, one of Amelie’s campaign managers, should be a good Programs Administrator. He has experience with programs and seems to be very detail oriented, so he will probably do well in that position. It’s a hard job — just ask Emma Kallaway.

I don’t know most of the other hires. Do any of you have any thoughts?

  1. CJ says:

    This comment thread is BORING.

    Where’s the slander and vile spew? Disappointed.

  2. Lyzi Diamond says:

    That wasn’t my implication, I was just pointing out a potential logistical problem.

    Kelsey and Alexis both withdrew their names from consideration anyway, so it’s neither here nor there.

  3. Curtis says:

    It actually wouldn’t matter for Alexis and Kelsey – Exec staff would be appointed, and like Lyzi mentioned, you can have an elected and appointed position, or any number of appointed positions provided there is no conflict of interest.

    Also, Kelsey and Alexis were both nominated at the PCM meeting seemingly without much lobbying for it. Kelsey wasn’t even at the meeting, if I remember correctly. And anyway, that was before they were hired as exec staff, so I don’t think anyone’s trying to pull a fast one there.

  4. Monica says:

    Curtis, if ConCourt agreed with the points you made about 4.1 and 5.13, I would think they would consider the exec staff as appointments for 6.20.

    So, what we’re potentially looking at here is the Senate’s opportunity to veto Robert’s appointment, as well as the two appointments each of Kelsey and Alexis. Hmm. I wonder if Senate and/or ConCourt will choose to look that over – it could make for an interesting summer… just sayin’.

    Nathan Howard’s a really nice guy. I’m sure he’ll be a great Environmental Advocate.

  5. Lyzi Diamond says:

    Interesting question, Curtis. I don’t have the institutional memory to be able to answer it.

    There are two other people up for the PFC position: Paul Trakra from Arab Student Union and Holly Lakey from GLOSS.

  6. Curtis says:

    Section 4.1 seems to indicate that “elected or appointed” positions are the only two flavors when it comes to the actual branches of the student government, and since they would not be “elected”, Alexis and Kelsey would probably be considered appointed as part of Exec staff, which also makes sense intuitively. The Elections Coordinator is also deemed an “appointed” position, so other Exec positions likely fall under the same umbrella.

    Section 5.13 would also seem to indicate that the GTN looks at Exec staff positions as appointed, at least if you construe “appointive” to mean the same thing as appointed.

    Anyone ever taken a look at 6.20? The part that reads:

    “The ASUO President shall submit appointments requiring Student Senate
    confirmation to the Student Senate. The Student Senate shall confirm or deny
    appointments within no more than 15 school days of receipt of the applications
    from the ASUO President, except as provided in section 5.4. The appointments
    requiring senate approval are members of the ASUO Constitution Court, ASUO
    Elections board, Programs Finance Committee, Athletics and Contracts Finance
    Committee, Department Finance Committee, all elected student members of the
    EMU Board and the Student Senate, and executive appointments.”

    Does this mean that the Executive is not considered a group of “executive appointments”, or have we simply not been following GTN regulations? Is there history there, or is that worth a conversation?

  7. Here’s the rule in the GTN Lyzi refers to:

    No member of this Association shall simultaneously hold more than one elected office under this Constitution. A person may simultaneously hold an elected and appointed position or more than one appointed position unless the Constitution Court determines, upon petition, that a potential conflict of interest exists between the two positions.

    I’m not sure how to interpret the word “appoint.” I can definitely see it being the way you put it, Lyzi. I could also see exec staff as “hires” and not appointments.

    Do you have any precedent saying that exec hirs qualify as appointments under the GTN?

    Think this will go to the con court?

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