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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Oregon Football to take you down to Glendale, take you for a real good meal.

The following image will be on the cover of the Emerald tomorrow. There’s news in the rest of the digest, but really there’s not much else going on in the minds of many at the University of Oregon, even though the damned game happened on Saturday.

Considering I spent the season discovering I really don’t care about college football, maybe I’m not the man to write the gloss on an undefeated football season. With that in mind, I’ll attempt to anyway, lazily pinching off a quote from a different code of the sport altogether:  Football; bloody hell. (No opinion today)

Oregon Football: beats the Hated Beavs (Register-Guard, and goes to Glendale (KEZI, Portland Tribune, Register-Guard, Bloomberg); gave internal gongs to sly-handed whippet Darron Thomas, multi-smasher Casey Matthews and, of course, scampering gong-tempter LaMike James, while ex-designated fingertip Nate Costa was allowed to make everybody a little weepy for a second (Register-Guard, KVAL); was solid (Emerald); makes shirts popular (Register-Guard); fans are not displeased (KEZI); is no longer No.1 (Emerald)

Public affairs:

  • He speaks: Phil Knight boils down the New Partnership ideas for improving UO academics: taking Oregonians’ tuition rates and kicking it up a notch or two. Also, an interviewer finds about 12 ways to ask him how important Oregon Football is to everybody. The Voice’s Tyler Pell and I are both interested in the secret audio feed Knight never really says he doesn’t have of OF’s play-calls. (Oregonian)
  • Restructuring: It’s not going so hot at SUNY. Bad sign for UO? (UO Matters)
  • Pleas for attention: Local desperate attention-seeker Mr. Ooh-la-la calls for Elton John to change the date of his show. (KEZI)
  • Safety: Condoms, wearing them, as clothing. (Emerald)
  • Bleedin’ obvious: Headline: “Study: global warming impacts Oregon’s environment.” As opposed, I suppose, to its folklore. (Emerald)
  • Free publicity: The UO’s men’s a capella thing is going to be on a reality TV show. (Register-Guard, Oregonian). Ethos writes about Ethos (Ethos).
  • ASUO: The Emerald’s Franklin Bains wonders what ASUO Sen. Evan Patrick Thomas has to say and finds the answer is “get your own bus fare, freeloading hippie,” or something like that. (Emerald)


I always used to think Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a decent enough song that was unfairly disparaged. Today I listened to it with headphones and found it may be the worst song humanity has ever produced.

  1. NGA says:

    Alex, when you’re invited to a party do you poop on the hosts couch? Quite whining about football! Ya party pooper

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