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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Making “Whoopee.” Media digest Jan. 5, 2011

The state of the city address always seems to be occasioned by talk of “Kitty Piercy.” I don’t know what that means, but I’m just going to go with my natural assumption. I just want to say that, even if it leads to free parades celebrating football, piercing cats can get you sent to jail. I hope the video below serves as a reminder.

Public affairs:

  • Letters: The UO post office will close in nine days under the current U.S. Post Office timetable, but the postal workers’ union’s representative says it may fight the closure in court (Emerald).
  • Strata: The UO is in the top 100 in terms of value for money both for in-state students and for out-of-state students, albeit the lower part of the top 100. The top school for out-of-state students is SUNY Binghamton. UO is the top Oregon school for in-state students. (Kiplinger) Thanks to Portland Business Journal for the link.
  • Municipal governments: Many city councils in Oregon will not hold meetings during Oregon Football’s ruck in Glendale, Ariz., partially because municipal government is less interesting than football for citizens too. West Linn, though, presumably hates OF because it’s not canceling its meeting (Oregonian).
  • Competetive verdegris: Oregon may soon ban both paper and plastic checkout bags, possibly in an effort to one-up the California cities that have banned only plastic bags (Emerald)
  • Gongs: The UO gave them to Pat Kilkenny and another (Emerald).
  • Opinions: Evidently everyone at the UO doesn’t have the same opinion on the U.S. president (Emerald).
  • Kitty Piercy’s state of the city address. Her summary: “Whoopee!” Also, among parochial concerns, she will hold a parade and attempt to work “on a wide range of safety and livability issues” in the UO area (Register-Guard, Emerald, KEZI). Photos from the Emerald.
  • Goings-on: The Oregon Voice will be having a party to celebrate the second Mighty Ducks movie (Voice).
  • Here are some really excellent photos of Matthew Knight Arena by the Emerald’s Ivar Vong (Emerald photo blog).


  • The Weekly’s Alan Pittman gives Phil Knight the edge in a contest to see which of Oregon Football and the Hated Tigers has the more powerful billionaire fan, even though ESPN named Auburn’s Bobby Lowder the most influential college booster.
  • UO Matters calls for the UO to channel a third of athletic donation money to academics.
  • Letters: Cims Gillespie starts with Richard Lariviere’s restructuring proposal and ends with a call for, seemingly, a controlled economy in the Emerald. Guard readers offer differing opinions on a recent herbicide-related article, and attack both public employee unions and the 111th U.S. Congress.
  • Nobody who writes for the Emerald really writes things that actually make me mad except Matt Tellam. For me, his hagiographies to Politics Team Blue symbolize a massive part of what’s with American political journalism. Anyone who cheerleads for either party is a fool. There is little difference between the two of them. The latter is something Tellam actually acknowledges in his most recent column, but he says it’s a good thing, suggesting politicians should advertise it to voters. As if people disillusioned in the process don’t already believe their vote doesn’t make a difference.
  • Emerald satirist Meghan Hodge appears to suggest not spending one’s breaks between terms doing work is undesirable.
  • A blogger says the UO probably doesn’t want people applying just because they like its football team (The Red Electric).
  • Editorials: The Guard is totally down with a bill to end secret holds and complicate filibusters, and thinks the Politics Team Red has made a good choice as its new cheese in Allen Alley.
  • A recent UO grad says he enjoyed performing acts of charity (Register-Guard).


  • Emerald sports-whippet Patrick Malee seems genuinely depressed by the fact that there will be no more Oregon Football after Tuesday (Emerald)
  • The Guard’s George Schroeder gets all weak in the knees about a couple of Tupelo, Miss., boys who love Oregon Football, and says that’s pretty weird considering OF wasn’t even good not so long ago (Register-Guard)
  • Oregon Football: will have a parade in its honor on Jan. 22 (Register-Guard); is back practicing, including multi-use bulls-eye Lavasier Tuinei, who had been injured, and sob story Nate Costa (Emerald); might be bringing in even more good football players (Register-Guard); a rebellious teenager sneaked into an OF practice (Statesman Journal); funeral-crasher Chipper Kelly appeared at a game involving the (probably not so) Hated Wildcats of New Hampshire, which was seen as a pretty chill move (Oregonian); doesn’t believe the Hated Tigers are 100 percent identical to any Pac-10 team (Portland Tribune); listens to music while it trains, while Auburn does not (AP); businesses in Northwest Portland are offering offbeat Duck-related deals (Oregonian); is popular in the state’s Nike stores (Oregonian). Here’s an interview with one of the OF announcers (News Times)
  • Oregon Basketball (M): has a couple of injured players, but is still looking to beat the Hated Huskies, even though they’re, like, good or something (Register-Guard).
  1. That’s what you think.

  2. Rockne Andrew Roll says:

    But you’re not writing stupidass letters to the ODE about stupidass things. Nor are you running the ASUO into the ground.

    Someone should do a “Dateline” special about the three of you.

  3. Cims was a freshman the same year I (and, incidentally, Amelie Rousseau) were, so I can’t really talk.

  4. Rockne Andrew Roll says:

    How in God’s name is Cims Gillespie still a student? I’ve been reading this guy’s crap since I was an undergrad at OSU and had just figured out what the Commentator was, and he was no spring chicken back then. It’s been five years. Does he just think that graduating is “giving in to the man?” What the hell?

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