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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

“Bovine ambrosia!”; Media digest, Feb. 9, 2011

This media digest is dedicated to my sister, whose 20th birthday is today, and to Kathleen O’Fallon, my English professor, to whom I must turn in a paper about the 18th Century novel Charlotte Temple in one hour. It is also dedicated to people who are very excited by milk. My sister doesn’t like milk. I don’t know about Prof. O’Fallon. These four young Latvian men definitely are.

I bring up the subject of milk-related excitement because of the following letter in the Register-Guard from Marcola resident Irene Young, which definitely rivals the young Latvians for strangeness and enthusiasm.

I’m not an expert on milk, but I will support any process that will lead to restoring flavor to that liquid sold under the generic name of “milk.” It’s criminal to me that dairies process and market that tasteless white substance and call it milk. The only local producer that offers anything with a suggestion of milk flavor is Lochmead, but it certainly could improve.

I recently tasted milk from a dairy in New Bern, N.C. I bought it from a large retailer, right off the shelf. It had flavor! Bovine ambrosia! Nectar of the gods! Incredible, sweet, rich milk flavor. Why if I could find anything similar here, I’d buy it.

I suggest that you go to the fridge, pour yourself a glass and see if your milk has flavor. Chances are, it does not. Why not save the calories and take a calcium and vitamin D supplement?

If the recent raw milk debate brings back milk with flavor, I’m all for it.

For other recorded uses of the phrase “bovine ambrosia,” see here.

Public affairs:


  • Emerald hagiographer Matt Tellam waxes sarcastic about an armed DPS, though he also believes those who say an armed DPS will save money (Emerald).
  • Letters: In the Emerald, one student Dangerfields about the fate of OSPIRG, while another throws the b-word at the student paper. One Register-Guard reader’s absurd passion for “milk flavor” overrides pretty much everything in today’s media digest.
  • Lariviere sends the family of one late Oregon Basketball(M) fan a pretty little note of condolence (
  • A Shallot that maybe satirizes dorm food, maybe brings up legitimate concerns about UO cheese Richard Lariviere’s feelings toward squirrels (Emerald).
  • Tyree Harris protege Abby Gazlay says she will kill someone if people don’t stop talking to her (In These Eyes).
  • Editorials: The Guard is not so into any easing of Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and despite the possibility of inequality, it gives Kitzhaber’s tentative moves in the direction of local taxes to support schools the glad-eye.
  • Guest commentary of the day: A Guard reader’s not about youth coaches yelling all the time.


  • The Emerald’s Patrick Malee is eating forced-to-admit-Oregon-Basketball(M)-is-fun-to-watch–flavored crow this week.
  • Oregon Basketball (M): HAS WON SOME GAMES, and those victories are STORMING ALL THE WAY TO THE PLAYERS’ HEADS, or at least the very thought is SCARING THE BEJESUS out of coach Dana Altman (Emerald); guard Johnathan Loyd WANTED TO TRANSFORM INTO TAJUAN PORTER and that’s why he’s at Oregon (Emerald; MORE PIXXX)
  • Oregon Football: Look what funeral-crasher Chipper Kelly has to say about National Signing Day (KVAL)
  • Oregon Track and Field: EATS three promising young woman track-and-fielders (Emerald)
  • Oregon Lacrosse (W): the Hated Red Foxes have POACHED an assistant coach from Oregon Lacrosse. nice steal! (LAX Power).
  • The Matthew Knight Arena may be an attempt to leave on blogger’s mother OUT IN THE COLD! contusion! (Oregon Expat)

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