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First is the Worst: Natty Light

In both old, and bad, news: Natural Light “beer” has become the first beer in space. The people at Natural Light launched a can into the heavens on November 17, reportedly inspired by some assholes on Facebook. The can rocketed into the sky up to “90,000ft+” before returning to the Earth, playing a proverbial game of “Just the Tip” with our atmosphere.

What’s going to be shot up next? Who knows. Probably a fucking Kardashian. Hopefully someone has some cans of OG Four Loko stashed, that is the only thing that will make extraterrestrials run from Earth in fear.

Best part (2:26) “What up aliens? Where the party at, we brought the beer!”


  1. Max says:

    I’m sorry, but you have your terminology wrong. NatLite was most definitely not the first beer in space. For one thing, it’s no more a beer than O’Doul’s is. Further, and perhaps of greater relevance, is the fact that, following a Frank Zappa concert at the Portland Paramount, Zappa himself showed up at The Last Hurrah, jammed for a bit with a local band, and subsequently drank actual beer. I was at both venues, and I saw it all with my own eyes. That, my friend, was the first beer in space.

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