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EMU Planning Pub Night

Tis’ the season for University secrets! The EMU is graciously letting me peak under its planning tree and take a look at an early present to the 21 and over student body. There has been talk of initiating a monthly or bi-monthly EMU Pub Night (depending on its success) is in the works as we waste away at our parents houses for winter break. The plans that are yet to be approved by Student Affairs would include both The Buzz and The Break (in the basement of the EMU) to be converted temporarily into an alcohol serving, local music promoting bonanza! The goal of the project is to implement the plans within the first two months of the winter term and future events would be determined by the success of the first.

So what should you expect?

1. Two or more live bands playing in each The Buzz and The Break.
2. Alcohol to be sold (not 100% whether this will be by local vendors or of the domestic variety).
3. A centralized place on campus to booze down!
4. Possibility of having the event be a regular occurrence.

Now, what I would like is to hear what suggestions I can pass up to the planning committee so they have solid input from the people who would be attending these events. Tell me your concerns, your complaints, what you would like to see, or anything else that could help turn these plans into a reality.

  1. Kim Tae Young says:

    Robert, please shut up. YOU are not on staff (and neither am I), therefore it is not for YOU to say what gets published or not.

    My lordie, I’m seeing Occupy Eugene stamped all over this guy’s forehead.

  2. Biff Wellington says:

    I appreciate your reply and I do agree, I also have my skepticism towards the UO Administration but where do you draw the line? We do our fair share of criticism here at the OC, but when genuine acts of student betterment come to light, I find it easy to step down from our ivory tower of judgement and just support.
    Sure the University will be trying to turn a profit, but is that not the goal of any venue? The Break has not seen sufficient profits in years thus an idea that utilizes an areas untapped potential and add to the student activities on campus. As for the administration “bribing” students with alcohol, I’m not sure whether to think you don’t understand what “Pub Night” means or whether you have a seriously contorted view on how alcohol and music are a perfect combo. In any case, working with the people involved with this project and knowing how much they fight everyday to be the ones who serve students to the highest degree eliminates any suspicions for me. Oh and the fact these are EMU employees spending free time brainstorming ideas is amazing, even if it’s for ungrateful people like you.
    If you want to continue this conversation I can email you and help clear up your uncertainties stemming from this project.

  3. Sophie says:

    I don’t think you really get it, Robert. These events aren’t being organized or held by the UO administration. They’re being organized by EMU staff, for the students, presumably for, oh, you know, fun.

  4. CONSPIRACY says:

    “How can we trick everyone into helping to fund the renovation? BOOZE!”

  5. Robert says:

    I’ve seen journalism happen on this blog. Still, whether this qualifies as such is not as important as what this post seeks to accomplish. It’s a rather slippery place for the administration to try to bribe students with alcohol. I’ve come to rely on the OC as the only campus organ (save for UO Matters, most of the time) that does not try to incite a mob in the administration’s favor. No one here got particularly frothy about Lariviere’s ouster. Even when the OC agrees with admin’s goals, or is neutral toward them, this magazine and blog have done a far better job than the Emerald during the past two years of being skeptical of the UO administration. Administrators have real power, have a long history of being disingenuous about their intentions, and should be treated with all the skepticism an aspiring journalist can muster. Throwing beer parties to lobby for “a Cadillac student union,” as Bill Harbough calls it, is something this publication should scoff at or at least satirize. Buying our own beer will cost a lot less than 30 years of fees to build another building for Niketown.

  6. Sophie says:

    This is the blog… its kind of like John Henry’s on 80’s night. Anything goes.

  7. Sooooooo pissed that I will not be around for this.

  8. Biff Wellington says:

    This is more of an open discussion. I work with the people who are planning the event and they asked for student input because the plans are still in its infancy. With that said, maybe you should care less of the way the blog entry is framed and more of what the content is trying to accomplish.

  9. Robert says:

    How is this journalism? Why are you passing anything on to them? This isn’t even framed as news.

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