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The “Peace” Movement’s Worst Nightmare

The Iraqi people that the ANSWER set have claimed to be so concerned about are celebrating in the streets as American Marines arrive. This Jonah Goldberg article analyzes the situation astutely.

Money Quote:

“If we had toppled Saddam in 1991, we would have improved both the lives of Iraqis and the security of the United States. It was the premature peace that prolonged the suffering. “Peace” was the moral horror these last twelve years. Giving peace a chance for the last twelve years cost more lives and caused more suffering –by a wide margin –than this war is likely to. Giving peace a chance by playing games in the U.N. and by dickering around with “proportionate responses,” emboldened and enraged Osama bin Laden and his cadres.”

I’m glad to see this happening, the Iraqi people will suffer no longer at the hands of a muderous tyrant. It should’ve happened 12 years ago, but better now than never. Here’s hoping the war ends quickly so that the Iraqis can start rebuilding their lives.

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