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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Keep Your Waffles, And Your Courts

Belgium may bring war crimes charges against Tommy Franks? Europe continues to be an enigmatic vortex in which real problems, taken in serious and full view of history, are ignored in favor of extraordinarily petty politics. Those who believe in RealPolitik and a few other models of international relations will probably agree that the forecast of many nations attempting to hamstring a unipolar power is coming to fruition. I don’t know what they have to say about how the U.S. can start shaping the world in a better way (other than the pro-democracy foreign interventions), but anyone who has ideas will get a receptive ear from me.

Also, George Will has a piece on black Republicans while Bob Novak writes that tax cuts will have to be sold to the public.

Finally, this from McSweeney’s via Instapundit: Chomsky deconstructs the Two Towers.

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