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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

On Hubris

The RIAA just won’t stop pestering people this is funny because the Grokster/Morpheus case was just dismissed. The RIAA will refile, I’m sure. When the pro-corporation conservatives hate you, it’s time to quit with the shenanigans. Damned RIAA.

In other news, some Dems are demanding that Lyndon LaRouche be allowed at the debates in South Carolina. That I would pay to see. Okay, maybe not pay.

And, more evidence that the government has gotten too damned big. The US has never defaulted on its debts, most of which are in the form of bonds owned by individuals or the Fed, and it would be a bad precedent to set now. I find this somewhat troubling, but hopefully the economy will recover soon. What’s more worrisome, though, is the way the media refer to tax cuts having a price-tag. It’s not a price-tag because the government never owned that money in the first place, it’s $350 billion that won’t be taken from the American people in order to fund ineffectual programs like Medicare and Social Security (Social Security is part of the general fund, there is no “trust” that’s just political double-talk). Now, if we could only get the government to actually cut spending….

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