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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The Lileks: Reloaded

“Let’s have supper. I want some beans.”

“Ah, you think you want beans. But what are beans? Do you want the beans you are thinking of, or the beans you will have?”

“I am not certain. Perhaps the Oracle will know.”

“Perhaps. The Oracle knows beans. Whether she knows whether the beans she knows are the beans that are right for you only she will know. You must choose whether you accept what she says.”

“But what if I do not?”

“Then perhaps you wanted a nice salad. Perhaps you wanted the salad all along.”

“But I have chosen beans.”

“Did you really? Or did you not choose the beans because you were predestined to do so by the fact that you bought corn chips last week? And is that really choice?”

At the usual place. Right with him on some bits – dialogue – not so much on others – highway sequence – but worth the read as always.

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