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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Oregon Commentator: Slightly More Credible than the Daily Mirror

Yeah! Julie Lauderbaugh is gone! And she couldn’t leave without taking a cheap shot at us!

Easily one of the worst columnists the Emerald has given ink to, Lauderbaugh never found an outlandish analogy she didn’t like. We also have her to thank for Vincent Martorano, as I’m sure the Emerald held his letter to run right after Princess Julie had a column claiming that hate crimes are more frequent on campus than we think.

Here, I’ve assembled a “Lauderbaugh Greatest Hits” as a tribute.

From Honest War Coverage Under Fire:

Without solid journalists like Peter Arnett in the field, Americans would never know what really went on to begin with.

From Boycotting Objectification:

Although beauty contests inherently objectify women as prizes and Barbie dolls with Vaseline on their teeth, the pageant’s worldwide broadcast only contributes to body image genocide that is snuffing out young girls’ self esteem across oceans.

From Wal-Marts Dominance Will Eliminate Mom and Pop Stores

Well, most employees earn less than $10 per hour, are uneducated and are working in communities that offer residents few alternative jobs.

(This one is the best. She admits that unskilled employees are making above minimum wage in a dead job market, and then advocates a boycott! )

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