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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

California Crazies

Tom Hanks doesn’t want Arnold to be CA guv, and neither does Woody Harrelson, whose representative said:

Woody is diametrically opposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political positions … He does not support the candidacy.

How can a liberal be “diametrically” opposed to a pro-choice, gun-controlling, pro-gay marriage candidate? Does this mean Harrelson is hiding a pro-life stance or wishes all types of guns were available to all types of Californians? Probably not, but the rhetoric used down there is going well past absurd. Which leads us to Cybil Sheppard on a Schwarzenneger win:

That would be the worst tragedy in the history of California.

You have to be seriously off your fucking rocker to say something like that. It’s interesting that Tom Vs. The Volcano Hanks would let himself be grouped in with people with no sense of history at all. Politics just brings out the best in people, I suppose.

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