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High-tech Alternatives To Delete Key Found Wanting?

According to this NYT story, the Justice Department recently posted the results of a diversity-related study on their website, with lots of bits blacked out. Now, they’re not obliged to post anything at all, and the content of the study isn’t particularly salacious, so that’s not the interesting part. But enterprising Memory Hole “information archaeologist” Russ Kick has managed to recover the original report from the DoJ’s redacted version, and here he posts them both.

So here’s my question: Assuming that Kick isn’t just making up the un-blacked-out bits (“In addition, this commission finds that Russ Kick should be issued a special federal get-out-of-jail-free card, valid for an indefinite period…”) how the hell do you do that? The report is a PDF file, so maybe there’s a clever software-related way of uncensoring the censored parts. But in that case, why wouldn’t the DoJ just delete the bits they don’t want made public and then publish it in PDF?

I may be missing something blindingly obvious here, but I’m curious.

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Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.