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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Shakrafreude (Did We Use This One? I Hope We Haven’t.)

I’m nowhere near as clever at this sort of thing as Mr. Ruff, but, sadly, he hasn’t posted anything in over a week. So, dear readers, I’ll give it my all, but I can make no promises as to quality.


The Most Beautiful Quote:

Clocks and capitalism stand unmoved, like phallic monuments constructed in the name of progress and condemning the unprivileged to death. This is nothing but slavocracy in modern day disguise.

I, for one, have always hated my penis-clock and have for some time been looking into one that’s a little more vaginal, or perhaps breast-like (boobular?).

DJ Serpentine Makes A Triumphant Return: The rhymes, oh the rhymes…

Nature is dying. Governments keep lying. And no laws can keep in check a culture of death.

And the puppeteers of the masses produce the entertainment that keeps us on our asses.

This boy is sitting on the shore wondering what it was he came here for.

I’ll lay even-odds that he’s got a bright future in the rap/metal genre. Oh, Shakra, it’s so good to see ye return!


PS: Dear Oliver, please come home. Your family misses you so.


UPDATE: Link Added.

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