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Style Points At The DNC

Here‘s a transcript of Clinton’s speech; I link to it only because it omits my favorite part:

He proved that when he picked a tremendous partner in John Edwards. Everybody talks about John Edwards’ energy, intellect, and charisma. The important thing is how he has used his talents to blah blah blah

In the actual speech, if memory serves, it went something like “…energy, intellect, and charisma – and frankly, I resent him.”

As is the way with these things, the content was neither here nor there. It’s just refreshing to hear a politican speak in complete sentences. What kills me about listening to Bush is that someone has clearly told him that dramatic pauses are useful, and so he tries to get them in at an average of once every five seconds, which unfortunately makes him look as though he’s having teleprompter issues. For his part, Kerry’s speaking manner makes it look like he’s channeling spirits. I keep expecting his eyes to roll upwards in his head.

Clinton, meanwhile, continues to overshadow his own party’s nominees. Watching Bill Bradbury try to follow him at Mac Court the other year was just painful.

Now, I see a few scary costumes out there, but I gotta tell you the scariest costume of all is the idea that Gordon Smith will serve six more years in the United States Senate.

That’s a zinger there, Bill. That quote’s so good you could dress yourself up in it. Jesus.

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