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Lampooning MoveOn

I just received a press release today from the National Lampoon (yes, strangely that hallmark of brash, politically incorrect 70s humor still exists in the form of a website, and for some reason they are sending me press releases), which notified me of its latest heelarious satirical venture, a parody of

I was actually surprised by how ambitious the site was; it features video clips and animation, and there are moments when its pretty spot on (the way they constantly ask for donations is a nice touch). For the most part, though, it’s pretty hit or miss the Fahrenheit 9/11 parody I Am Not An Asshole, although well made, is pretty stupid, but the video Bush is Hitler and Worse is kind of funny.

This site and the National Lampoon homepage sort of make me yearn for the good ol days, when the National Lampoon had writers like John Hughes, P.J. ORourke and huh,Paul Greenfield? What the fuck!

Also, they ripped off my schtick.

  1. Anonymous says:

    moveonplease has nothing on
    probably the most entertaining political site of all time. the onion couldnt even make this stuff up if it tried

  2. Timothy says:

    So is the hipster equivalent to Tyler’s piece?

  3. CRARY says:

    Your article was way more funky, fresh, and bitchin’ anyway, honey. Comparing the two is like comparing my red velcro Pumas dating from the actual 1970s to your almost-but-not-quite-believable modern-day rip-offs.

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