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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Schadenfreude, Making Me Glad That I’m Not You.

Okay, I know this is beating a horse that has long since died, been buried, eaten by maggots, and is now pushing up a cornfield somewhere in Eastern Oregon. Maybe there’s not corn out there, I don’t know, some other crop then. Anyway, here is the now, apparently, defunct LiveJournal of one Eric Bailey. You may remember Mr. Bailey from two consecutive losing ASUO Executive campaigns. The first one even involved a grievance against our very own former Publisher, Bret Jacobson. Yeah, I’m probably a bad person.

UPDATE: Extracted from a couple of posts down the LiveJournal, the more recently updated but still just as sad Eric Bailey Webpage.

  1. Jan says:

    Also, consider that THIS was also posted on the Web, not in the magazine itself (although, admittedly, I’ll be highly disappointed if I don’t see some spew on this). I would venture to say that you can’t base a publication’s integrity on comments made on its Web site — if this were true, I would have burned down the Emerald long ago.

    To Pahloww: Coooool, you want to beat me up? I’ll be on 30th and Crenshaw tomorrow before work, wearing blue clothes. You should wear red. 😀

  2. Olly says:

    Chris: I get what you’re saying, and I’d absolutely agree with you if someone had unearthed the guy’s private diary for some low-rent giggles. Consider, though, that this is something he posted on the Web. If you don’t want people to laugh at your navel-gazing angst, then don’t post it on the Web. (Or post it anonymously, for fuck’s sake. Myself, I have a huge readership for the tear-stained missives I pen as “RavensTears775”.) I bear the apparently unelectable Mr. Bailey no ill will, but LiveJournals are fair game.

  3. The Company says:

    We’re mean people. It’s part of our charm.

  4. Chris says:

    Wow, that’s quite the post by that last guy. I don’t know if I’d say it quite like that, but I do agree that the comments here and postings have gone too far this time. I remember Eric Bailey from back in the day–was never a big fan (in fact, I actively worked at defeating him in one of those elections), but I do think the Commentator was over the top this time. I love the OC, have been reading it for a long time and agree with it’s political slant on current issues, but when you actively try to take down a person who isn’t even going to school here anymore so far as I know–well, I just find that sad. Keep up the great work though–I like the other recent articles and postings, and will continue to be a reader of the mag.

  5. Pahlow says:

    Take a moment to bask in the marvel of superior ingenuity that is your brain! Now realize that you are lower than the scum underneath a viking whores toenail, although that might be insulting to her scum. If i ever met any of you i would literally beat the hell out of you because you deserve it and just because i could. I hope your real proud of your rotting insignificance on this planet.

  6. Timothy says:

    Heh, now there’s a plan.

  7. Olly says:

    Call him and ask for me.

  8. Timothy says:

    Call him and ask.

  9. Tyler says:

    I’ve never met e-bay (Bailey’s nickname), but judging from his WebPages, he is a very angry and depressed man. I suppose this is what the ASUO does to people. But he has cause for mirth, for hes going on his humanitarian mission. Oh joy! Surrounding ones self with people less fortunate than you is the best way to alleviate a serious and debilitating funk.

    Also, is it a wise idea to post one’s own cell phone number online? Is he really that desperate for human contact? Does he need friends? Enemies?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear, dear, Lord…I have not laughed so hard in months as when I read the trials and tribulations of Mr. Bailey. Thank you, Tim, from the bottom of my heart. Also, am I going to hell because this was my favorite post in Eric’s journal?

    “I am in serious depression. And I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this horrible. I’m as low as I can go. From health concerns to roommate concerns, and from school problems to work problems and issues with certain friends, life is not good right now at all. Not to mention the fact that I just lost the election for Student Senate President. I feel like *SHIT*. Someone, please come and beat the shit out of me now, cause that wouldn’t even feel as bad as how I feel currently. Life just flat out sucks.”

    Call me a bastard, but everyone loves the clown who is smiling on the outside and begging to have the shit beat out of them in an online journal, right?

  11. WWB says:

    I always have to remind myself not to be surprised at illiteracy in the ASUO.

  12. Courtney says:

    I think the most telling line here is, “Is this some God awful cruel joke? A matter only cured by the Pope?”

    My thoughts exactly, Mr. Bailey. My thoughts exactly.

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