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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

So Long, Farewell.

Steven Den Beste has apparently decided to stop posting. And, while I can certainly understand his reasons and sympathize with his worry about all the damn email, I have to wonder just what did he expect? Pedantic nitpicking is what people, and especially people on the internet, do. I’ll miss browsing his posts occasionally, and I will miss the usually insightful pieces he puts together, but I’m certainly not sad to see his annoying “oh woe is me” whining about getting email go the way of the dodo. The man is an engineer, the obvious solution is to stop taking pedantic nitpicking so personally. For Christ’s sake, it’s email from people you don’t bloody know, who cares what their opinion is? Maybe overly sensitive people shouldn’t have websites.

  1. WWB says:

    Weird. The decision to stop blogging is one probably every solo blogger has considered at one time or another, myself included. It’s only natural.

    But this is his swang song? Save me.

    I stopped reading Den Beste on a regular basis at least a year ago, simply because his posts were too damned long for me to get into, and often on subjects I was substantially less interested than he.

    But, what a terrible reason to stop writing. Writers — most of whom are not engineers — learn to accept unuseful criticism (i.e. by ignoring it).

    Den Beste doesn’t like the bath water, which makes sense. But I take it that he doesn’t like the baby either, so he he’s hiding the baby in the bathwater. Watch out, the baby will drown!

    What a strange metaphor. Not mixed, just remixed. But hey, it’s 5 a.m., I’m hung over, and I’m at work. If I was Steven Den Beste, I’d probably be announcing the demise of my blog.

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