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News To Me

Check out the lede from this blas�story about last nights debate

“Vice President Dick Cheney called himself “a pretty angry father” on Thursday after Sen. John Kerry mentioned their gay daughter during the final presidential debate — comments Kerry said were meant to be positive about families with gay children.”

Wow. There’s so much I didn’t know about the candidates.

  1. Andy D says:

    Catholics love to vote against partial birth abortion bans….

  2. Melissa says:

    I didn’t take it that way at all. If someone were using my daughter’s sexual orientation (which is none of Kerry’s business to talk about anyway) to win votes from a group, I’d be pissed too.
    Kerry could have said that he is ok with gay children and their parents in general. To point out one person w/o their consent is just rude and disrespectful. Considering that he’s also boosting himself with the whole Catholic/Kennedy/Vietnam Vet/Blue Cross thing, I can’t take him seriously.

  3. Timothy says:

    It doesn’t give reason as to why Cheney is a “pretty angry father” just that he called himself one, on reading the quote from the article it seems to imply that Cheney is angry that his daughter is a lesbian, which is clearly not the case.

  4. Marla says:

    How is that out of context?

  5. Timothy says:

    And look at how out of context that “pretty angry father” line is taken:You saw a man who will say and do anything in order to get elected. And I am not speaking just as a father here, though I am a pretty angry father, but as a citizen.

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