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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Wearing Red in Blue Country

A commenter over at Asymmetrical Information points to a Slate article where the writer dons a Bush/Cheney t-shirt, tote bag and “W” button and saunters around LA’s hip Silverlake district. Horified looks, muttered insults and glares follow.

Dining nearby is a young girl who looks to be about 6 years old; she gazes at my shirt with a look so forlorn, I expect to learn that Dick Cheney just stole her crayons. Her mother arrives and gives her a hug of consolation. The girl starts to talk, but I can only make out “Bush shirt,” which she says to her mother as she points my way. The mother turns and glares, shaking her head at me. I start to wonder what sort of person I am to inflict this on a poor child.

  1. Andy D says:

    BTW, if anyone have some bush pins they want to sell, i’d like to wear ’em around campus for the last week. Our campus seems like a kerry fuking explosion. the unwashed masses…

    email my dumb-ass

  2. Andy D says:

    lol, wtf is goli doing? i haven’t heard anything about her…and all her signs i see in portland are bashed through. What respect for freedom of speech we have.

  3. Danimal says:

    I don’t know, but we should get busy reverse-engineering a post we can shoehorn her into.

  4. Sho says:

    Whoa, it’s like a comment for a post from the future! Who are you, mysterious future commenter?

  5. elaine walker says:

    Goli Ameri is giving a bad name to conservatives. She is conservative, and seems very tied to the administration. But I’ve talked to a lot of Republicans this past week who are really disgusted with her campaign tactics.

    She’s spending no time talking about where she stands, and all of her time talking about something that happened 30 years ago. And to give credit to Congressman Wu, he handled this whole this with dignity and class. Ameri, unfortunately, cannot say the same.

  6. Sho says:

    Damn, this is what I get for not reading everyone’s blogs often enough. FAILURE!

  7. WWB says:

    Boo! I was all over that Slate article last week.

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