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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

I Am A Rocker, I Rock Out

And remember, kids, TOTALLY ROCKING is the solution to all of life’s little problems.

UPDATED: Jesus Christ, I’m sorry guys, the original link went someplace very naughty that I hadn’t intended, and as I got it from a friend via AIM, it works as a cut and paste. The new link above is what I meant for y’all to see, just click on “watch this movie.” It includes the Megaman theme, y’all remember Megaman, he’s blue and family friendly! Man, what’s the CN going to think about that? Geebus.

  1. Timothy says:

    Fine, Sho, you are a superior nerd to me. And you get laid more often, you son of a bitch. There is no justice, none.

  2. Sho says:

    Also, that music is totally from F-Zero. Jeez, get your early 90s video games straight.

  3. Sho says:

    Ha, telling people not to go to is like telling someone not to look down when they’re on a cliff or something. You.. just.. have to.

    Also, that flash video was pretty awesome. I think suburban destruction and rocking out go together rather well.

  4. Timothy says:

    no, no I didn’t. Don’t go there folkx. Just. Don’t.

  5. Sho says:

    Actually, is pretty good for finding random videos of things, like weird japanese game shows (the one featuring contestants throwing instant-freezing wax on each other is not to be missed). Obviously, they do offer videos featuring some pretty crass humor, but eh, no big deal. It’s not like you linked to

  6. Timothy says:


  7. Melissa says:

    For ages 0+? Damn. Then it’s too mature for recently fertilized gametes. Sorry kids. Let’s go back to the car. You must have this many unspecialized cells to watch this film.

  8. Timothy says:

    Okay, that’s been fixed. God, sorry about that guys. You were right, Sho, clicking made the link autoforward, cutting and pasting works fine, but the newgrounds link is fine all around.

  9. Andy D says:

    fucking disgusting t-dogg.

  10. Sho says:

    Olsen twins bukkake practice? I’m not sure if that’s totally rocking.

    I’m guessing the link auto-forwards to the main page.

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