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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

OC Website News!

An analysis of the OC website stats leads us inexorably to the following observations:

  • Traffic has been increasing month on month. Last month we had more than 5000 unique visitors, and this month we’re on track to exceed that.
  • The second most popular search phrase via which people find this site is “thong ass”. We are currently the fifth thing that comes up on Google when you search for “thong ass”. Other popular search phrases include “thong asses”, “ass thong”, “thongs ass”, “I see your thong”, “school thong”, “thong in ass crack”, “pounds of weed”, “ten pounds of weed”, “six pounds of weed”, “misdemeanor eighth of weed”, and “female drug dealers in jamaica queens”. Three people found us last month by searching for “andy garcia conjoined twin world record”, and I’d like to extend a special welcome to them.
  • Our political commentary may not be as trenchant as we once supposed, but that never hurt Sir Mix-a-Lot any.
    1. Olly says:

      Oh dear. I may have exacerbated the situation. Well, got to make the best of it. Weren’t there OC thongs for sale at one point?

    2. Tiffany says:

      I just entered “thong ass” into Google, and now you’re the fourth thing that shows up. Congrats on moving up in the world, so to speak.

    3. Andy D says:

      Thanks for putting the new issue in the boxes. Ohh, that russian fat man story is fucking vile.

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