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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Still More Identity Politics

Please, God, no.

The story isn’t quite as horrifying as it first appears, and the writer has to grudgingly conclude that “few colleges say they give admissions preferences to boys…” – but along the way he has a fine old time trying to drum up business:

Football was dropped in 1993, but now thousands of students instead fill the stadium to cheer the women’s soccer team. Women routinely hold most of the campus leadership positions. And when the student union was remodeled recently, the number of men’s toilets which had been more than double those for women was cut to make space for more women’s stalls.

The horror! The horror!

This stuff isn’t complicated. Admit the best students and let the chips fall where they may. (Deciding which students are the best is complicated, to be sure, but the principle is extremely easy.)

(Noticed on Volokh, of course, but it’s all over the place by now.)

  1. Hello says:


    As a graduate of SCU, I think I’m qualified to say that based on your writing ability, I don’t think you’d get in. Even with a “male advantage”.

  2. Andy D says:

    I’ve been trying to find a transfer school…

  3. Melissa says:

    So, along with the sociological projections of this article, let’s just throw in some stereotyping for those sought-after boys, because we all know why the boys go to college in the first place (that comment is intended with sarcasm, BTW): To get laid.

    Further down in the link:

    “Men especially enjoy the new social math. At midday on the Santa Clara University student union patio, juniors Patrick Semansky, 20, and Richard Bersamina, 20, who were classmates at an all-boys high school, said they were very aware of the gender imbalance when shopping for colleges.

    Santa Clara’s female majority “definitely wasn’t discouraging. This is an attractive place,” Semansky said mischievously, glancing at women milling about.

    “This is definitely an attractive place,” Bersamina agreed, smiling.”

    Two fine young men in the henhouse. Women…peh..”Milling about”? With this kind of drivel in the news, I really feel bad for all males of reproductive age.

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