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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

New Issue

Im at home, kicking back with my favorite Christmas gift, a 24 pack of Corona (I love my family). Theres a James Bond movie on Spike TV and Im feeling that warm inner glow that comes only when youre able to stop the shakes long enough to forget the worries in your life and enjoy the greater, simpler things, like over-priced Mexican beer and violence-tinged British misogyny.
Of course this means the new issue is online. Otherwise I would be crying softly to myself or drinking rubbing alcohol or possibly Big Bear. Were trying to streamline the website, so if you click the image to your right you will automatically download a PDF of the newest issue. Its filled with thrills, spills, copious nudity, and gratuitous puppy bludgeoning (this will be edited out for the print edition).
Enjoy the new issue and have a happy New Year. Im Chinese, so my New Year is on February 9th this year. Its the year of the rooster, so you know what that means go cocks!

  1. mene says:

    Of note: People were observed exiting Max’s tonight…although you guys and gals may know it’s reopened already.

  2. Tyler says:

    Left? Oops. Yeah, the graphic will be to the right, while I believe that the “Current Issue” button on the left will be scrapped for good in order to streamline the site.

  3. Melissa says:

    I forgot I had written that article. Where has the time gone?

  4. Anon says:

    To my left? Are you sure?

    Psst… left makes an ‘L’.

  5. Timothy says:

    Tyler: Hey man, I’m the one who put them on the blog. And, hey, what’s a little B&E for the sake of the magazine?

  6. Tyler says:


    Whew. We thought you’d be mad. We’re just playing, obviously.

    We’re looking forward to your triumphant return.

    (jump tags = mistake I must fix when I don’t have to break into the EMU.)

  7. Timothy says:

    And I hope you fix those jump tags, I keep getting lost :-).

  8. Timothy says:

    I love the staff ad, fellas, love it.

  9. Tyler says:

    Except for the couple of moments when you can actually see my editorial process at work. Must fix!!!

  10. Pete says:


  11. Tyler says:

    Apparently, there are a couple of mistakes with the current online edition (I uploaded an earlier version with a couple of stupid errors). Anyway, these problems are known to me and they will be fixed. Enjoy anyway. Cheers.

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