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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

So We Meet Again, My old Arch Nemesis

Todays ODE has the scoop on OSPIRGs budget hearing. And what a scoop! Because Mason Quiznos gets it right — finally:

It makes me uncomfortable to fund them when I dont know where the money is going.

Well, we do know where the money is going And I think somebody else mentions that in the same article

[OSPIRG] is simply a way for lobbyists in Portland to get money from students, said [Tyler Graf]. The PFC is sending a message that isnt consistent. Theyll nickel-and-dime other groups, but theyll give OSPIRG over $100,000.

OSPIRGs program coordinator responds by stating that OSPIRG plays a vital role by offering internships. But is that worth $100,000? Hell, lets assume, for the sake of argument, that OSPIRG is burning the midnight oil (read: patchouli) trying to come up with ways to lower textbook costs, as one of todays letters claims. Is that worth $100,000? (I could have conducted the same study cited, and I would have done it for far less maybe three forties of Steel Reserve) Students need to ask themselves whether OSPIRG is worth the money it receives, whether it makes a demonstrable impact on campus. Students also need to ask themselves what OSPIRG has ever done for them, and then, after students realize that theyve been hoodwinked, maybe we can get rid of this money drain for good.

But probably not. Batman was never able to kill The Joker either.

  1. Tyler says:

    Managing editor. But yes, you are correct, sir.

  2. Andy says:

    I think the previous editor of the ODE use the word asinine perfectly to describe the PFC committee member’s arguments.

  3. Josh M. says:

    Regarding the OSPIRG letter, what the hell does OSPIRG’s report do to lower textbook prices? And how much monetary pressure can students really put on textbook publishers? Either you buy their book or you don’t, although I’ve taken classes without textbooks and let me tell you, it kinda sucks…

  4. Tyler says:

    Dammit. I’m not talking about the movie.

  5. Brandon says:

    I thought Batman and Kim Basinger killed him in 1989.

  6. Sho says:

    Batman was never able to kill The Joker either.

    Only in the Dark Knight Returns, but then The Joker actually killed himself. And that was set in an alternate DC universe. Yay for geekery!

  7. Danimal says:

    Yes, Quiroz does for once get it right. And then, how does he put his convictions into practice when it comes to OSPIRG?

    “Quiroz left the meeting before a vote was called.”

    Way to serve the students, big guy!

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