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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Rabbit Rabbit (Shout out, Jeff)

Just an aside, my new favorite band Gram Rabbit will be playing John Henry’s on Monday night, 2/28.

“Dirty Horse,” the song that converted me, is described by the LA Alternative Press as:

“…the soundtrack to Tarantinos wet dream this is (for all practical purposes) the equivalent of Lee and Nancy dropping acid and sharing a couple of tokes with Satan.”

Especially good soundtrack for driving around town alone late at night, wearing bright red lipstick, smoking cigarettes and feeling mean. My kind of listening enjoyment!

  1. Pete says:

    If you want to send them, that would be great. But I have Limewire… I should be able to download their album.

    And while we’re being “hip,” let me recommend that you download the song “Red Eyes and Tears” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Or just buy (download) their album, cause its pretty much the best thing ever. Also, Death From Above 1979, who will be in Portland next month.

    And yeah, I know this isn’t the Pitchfork message board….

  2. Melissa says:

    Pete, do I still need to send you up a copy of that Dandy Warhols album you wanted?

    I can send you Gram Rabbit, too.

  3. Pete says:

    Gram Rabbit is playing at the Doug Fir on Saturday, and after reading your recommendation and the Tribune’s enthusiastic preview I think I’ll check it out. I love the Nancy and Lee collaborations, and if Gram Rabbit manages to sound anything like “Some Velvet Morning” I probably won’t be disappointed.

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