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“How to throw a no-hitter on acid”

The previous issue of Houston Press has a story about Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on acid. It’s one of the best sports stories I’ve read in quite some time. The descriptions of the no-hitter game are only a part of the story. It also goes over his entire career and his battle with (and eventual victory over) substance abuse. Here’s a money quote:

When the Cincinnati Reds taunted the Pirates after beating them in the 1972 National League Championship Series, Ellis decided to motivate his team by hitting every single batter in the Reds’ lineup. He hit the first three and walked two before he was pulled. He had, in short, that certain combination of raw talent and insanity that rarely creates Hall of Famers but almost always creates legends.

Definitely worth a read even if you aren’t much of a baseball fan.

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