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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

So You Want a Plamegate Post?

A commenter complained about a week ago that we weren’t covering the Plamegate/Rovegate/Millergate/Coopergate/Political Hackerygate/Novakgate “scandal” on the blog. Well, here’s an open post so everyone can discuss their wild theories and unsubstantiated facts.

Before doing anything though, it’s worth reading Charging RINO’s “Senate Shamelessness” post criticizing the Senate for wasting its time and our money arguing over two idiotic amendments to a national security bill. (hat-tip: Blogometer) No Senators come out of it looking good, with the exception of poor Susan Collins (R-ME). She tries to talk some sense into the vindictive babies we call leaders but, alas, it falls on deaf and dumb ears:

Mr. President, last week we saw the terrorist attack on an ally. Our country faces very important homeland security challenges. We have been in the midst of debating important public policy issues – how best to secure mass transit or to prepare our first responders. I cannot believe the Senate has diverted from that important debate – a debate important to Americans all across this country – and instead of finishing up the Homeland Security bill, we have diverted to debate these issues.

We should not be doing this. This is exactly why the American public holds Congress in such low esteem right now.

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