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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

A Simple Question…

Bryan brought this to my attention: Which one of these girls do you think this guy is trying to sleep with?

Kate Horton | Photographer

Also, it’s obvious that the girl in the hat miscalculated the amount of space it would take to properly convey all of her salient points. It’s like reading a goddamn eye chart.

*Picture via Kate Horton and the ODE (by “via” I mean I didn’t ask permission to use it)

[Timothy Adds: ODE story here.]
[Ian Adds: Photo hotlinked to and embeded from ODE server.]

  1. pril says:

    nothing like going to college to learn how to be a cliche. What, is it 1969 again? All this over… cologne?!

  2. Olly says:

    One of my favorite Spew pics of all time was of some guy sitting obliviously in the amphitheater in front of a bunch of people with Bush/Cheney signs: someone gave him a thought bubble saying “Hey, I’m an easy-going guy. I’m just trying to get along with everybody. Why is everyone staring at me like that? Why are they pointing?”

    Years later, this still cracks my shit up.

  3. Jan says:

    That guy is probably thinking, “Crap, this isn’t the College Republicans meeting. Here, I’ll just hold this sign.”

  4. Timothy says:

    Also what does F*CK mean? Perhaps our mathematical friend Dr. Ruff can shed some light on this mysterious operation.

  5. Timothy says:

    Tyler: Hitting folks while they fall is my forte, it’s the only time I can get any decent shots in. Except against Critter, but that doesn’t really count.

  6. WWB says:

    There I go again, wreaking destruction…

    The Emerald needs to get over themselves. In the blogosphere, a friendly hat tip is all that is required to appropriate material from another’s page. Besides, Matt Drudge’s lawyers have successfully argued that he’s legally free to hotlink as many images from Yahoo News as he sees fit — without giving them a nod.

    Is it bad form? I say only when a large website hotlinks another one. I’m reminded of the incident in early August where a Daily Kos diarist did this to a much smaller website — replaced the picture with an angry warning.

  7. Tyler says:

    The ODE has re-printed our material in the past, so I don’t see this as an egregious error on our part.

    Not linking to the ODE, yeah, that was my fault. Let’s hit me a few more times before I hit the ground…

  8. Timothy says:

    Link added. Took me all of ten seconds.

    You’re welcome.

  9. Danimal says:

    The Emerald would be happier if you linked to the source of the image. Or, they should be.

  10. Tyler says:

    Further, the only reason I didn’t hyperlink to it was because I was busy and it was primarily a response to Michael’s post. I am actually sorry about that. I will amend that in the near future.

    Like I said, the Emerald is mad … is this a problem or not?

  11. Tyler says:

    Boom! That was me being destroyed by Bill. The story almost works better without a basic understanding of the subtext.

    Plus, we got a call … the Emerald is mad.

  12. WWB says:

    I’m so out of touch with Eugene that I fail to get the “Axe” reference, but I am astounded at the other girl’s willingness to embody the abject cliche of a self-consciously privileged (ergo guilt-ridden) undergraduate. Well, more like amused. But as I said, I’d almost forgotten.

    Also Tyler, link to the ODE story? As a reader of bloggs, I can’t be bothered to spend 30 seconds of typing and page loading to glance at it for 3 seconds to get a basic idea of what’s going on. It’s called hyperlinking — use it!

  13. Danimal says:

    Also, Hat Girl:

    Why start with “white”? That seems the least relevant here, as clearly this Axe game is all about patriarchical, heterosexist, capitalist whatever-the-last-word-is-ism. Doesn’t race have exactly nothing to do with this particular rabble-rabble?

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