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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Pajamas Media Death Pool!

I am administering a deathpool for Pajamas Media. You can find the detailed rules here. Upon entry please email after making your donation to enter your selected date. Alternately, post a comment at the post linked above. Please feel free to do both. And happy schadenfreude.

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  1. Danimal says:

    A cynical ploy to get mentioned by Blogometer again? I like it.

  2. Yes, it is…the only one keeping it alive is that Steven Newman groupie, someone named Bishoff.

  3. Timothy says:

    Is that thing even alive anymore?

  4. Unless they’re blogs based at the U of O, then they just churn and churn and churn.

    Except for the Emerald’s blog. It just spews.

  5. Ian says:

    Blogs never die, they just go up to the great link harvester in the sky.

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