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Liveblogging the programs council meeting

Since noone else could fill in, I have to skip a final review in one of my classes to attend a mandatry programs council meeting. Fun!

Since I expect nothing important or relevant to be discussed, I figured this would be the perfect thing to blog.

4:10 – ussa guy: blahblah don’t sell westmoreland blah. 18mil $’s? “Access” to the university isbeing sold, according to him.

4:14 – OMG Amazon was sold ten years ago! being hyped. 6 min about nothing relevant so far
…Goward intros new staffer from CALIFORNIA (oooooooh)

4:18 leadership resource office guy starts wasting our time…
…hands out fourth set of fliers thus far.

4:21 -13min down the shitter… still not talking about actual things that affect normal students.

4:24 – Announces new “leader of the week award.” We in this room “role model the way for [our] peers,” he says. Makes me feel so good. Announces new “leadership library” and “retreat supply closet” for things like chalk and bandanas. I’m not joking.

4:28 – Finally done. Now actual information from a controller and Goward.

4:32 – Now A. Walsh time. No hat. Wearing UCLA sweatshirt.

4:35 – Now J. Axelrod. Mariners hat… good man.

4:40 – JA describes budget hearing process. Neglects to mention coke-fueled melodramatic grandstanding ending to meetings. “We’re not going to accept late budgets,” bu that’s appealable. Keeps it short and simple though, so kudos to him. Now it’s Goward-time.

4:40 – batteries running low… Goward gives “van training” dates… sounds fun.

4:48 – Postscript – Batteries ran out. Nothing else was said. Total meeting time: 38 minutes. Total minutes of relevant/interesting information: 5 minutes. Total time wasted and not spent working on new issue or study: 33 minutes.

  1. Timothy says:

    I think OC editors aren’t so much role models as cautionary tales.

  2. Ian says:

    The best part was when I learned I was a role model. And I know I wasn’t alone in that feeling… while he was across the room, I could tell that Adam Walsh was positively wet with pride.

  3. Tyler says:

    Too bad I was at work. You make it sound like a blast.

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