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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

That Pungent Odour from the North Ain’t Bacon, My Friends, It’s Democracy

Apparently our quaint neighbours to the north have finished participating in their own crude, Molson-and-syrup soaked simulacrum of democracy. And after 12 years of liberal rule, the Conservative Party has won a majority of seats in Parliament. The Canadian press is in a tizzy over the news (Read: here, here & here). It will undoubtedly be the top Canadian story of the year, unless a hockey player spontaneously bursts into flames during the Stanley Cup.

What does this mean for US-Canadian relations? Who knows. Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper won the election by a small margin, and the victory was more a response to governmental ineptitude and corruption than a desire to reevaluate the international political landscape. Nonetheless, here’s hoping that we hear a little less vowel-garbled vitriol from up north.

We Americans are constantly flagellating ourselves due to our lack of international political knowledge, so take this time to edify yourself. But rest comfortably knowing that the editors at the Toronto Sun think that Congress is close to nominating someone named “Alioto”. The pendulum swings both ways, my friends.

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