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A Day Late, but Wow…

For those of you who, like me, missed yesterday’s ODE, well, we picked the wrong day to be busy. Columnist Gabe Bradley redeemed himself for quite a few previous columns with The Cock Conversations: A Wretched Play in One Very Short Act. Behold:

[Enter Penis 3]

Penis 3: Guys! Did you know we can say cock in this play?

P2: Seriously?

P3: Seriously. Isnt that empowering?

P2: Do we have to say a-doodle-doo afterward?

P3: No. And we can say pussy without cat, dick without Tracy, douche without bag, and cunt without [Expletive Deleted. Because even Gabe Bradley has to draw the line somewhere. At least until next year when he switches over to satellite radio.]

P2: Wow. I do feel empowered. Except for that horrendously offensive part at the end.

P1: The horrendously offensive part marks the point in our play when weve milked all the shock value we can from talking about our junk

P3: Cock!

Yes, he is hitting us over the head with his point. Yes, he is attention-whoring. But you’ve got to admire his ability to get the word “cunt” printed repeatedly in the Emerald. As Glenn Reynolds would say, read the whole thing.

(Bradley’s “oppressive” Vagina Monologues column from last year can be found here, with angry letters here and here.)

  1. Bret says:

    sounds a bit like a classic piece by Pete Hunt, which wasn’t received well by the LI

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