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Why Boys Dream of Playing in the NBA

NBA fans know how good of a defender Andrei “AK-47” Kirilenko is. But they might not know much about his personal life. Here’s a peek:

Masha Lopatova, a former Russian pop star who has been married to the Jazz forward for nearly six years, understands the temptation NBA players are faced with as they travel around the country for seven months a year. And she believes that forbidding something only makes it more tempting. That’s why, she revealed in a story in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, she allows Kirilenko an “allowance” of one night per year with another woman.

“What’s forbidden is always desirable. And athletes, particularly men, are susceptible to all the things they are offered,” Lopatova said before the Jazz’s loss to Charlotte on Wednesday. “It’s the same way raising children – If I tell my child, ‘No pizza, no pizza, no pizza,’ what does he want more than anything? Pizza.

Kirilenko insists he has not yet used his allowance. Is this the perfect relationship or the devil’s handiwork?

Kirilenko and Lopatova

  1. Olly says:

    I particularly like the augmented picture here.

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