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Anarchists Ask Government for Money to Attend Book Fair

The Student Insurgent tonight asked the Student Senate for $850 in surplus funds in order to take eight members to the Eleventh Annual Anarchist Book Fair. This is their second special request of the year for funds to go on a trip, the first asking for $800 out of surplus to attend a conference. They wanted to bring eight people along on their trip, but it was quickly revealed that some of the people going were not fee-paying students. While the ASUO Executive deserves credit for bringing the issue to the attention of the Senate, it was Don Goldman who admitted when pressed that two of the people coming along were not fee-paying students. Who were the two people? One is unknown, but the other was John Walsh, the on campus NORML advocate who’s been a part of the Insurgent Collective for 12 years and is unfortunately not related to ASUO President Adam Walsh.

Considering that paying for non-fee students to go on trips is a gross violation of the spirit- if not the letter- of the Green Tape Notebook, the Senate ultimately voted to stop discussion with only Mike Filippelli dissenting.

  1. Andy says:

    Ah yes, just like feldcamp would be a duck/beaver fan during the civil war game..

  2. Casey says:

    The guy from “America’s Most Wanted” lives in Eugene at hangs out at the Insurgent? Who’d a thunk it?

  3. Timothy says:

    I think they’re mostly anarcho-syndicalists or anarcho-socialists.

  4. Andy says:

    Anarchists? If they only knew they’d have to get a job in a truely free society, I think they’d stay with socialism…

  5. Goward says:

    Way to be ASUO Student Senate…. way to be!

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