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Goward Rules Against Zach White

As the ODW reported earlier today, ASUO Programs Administrator David Goward ruled in favor of the Student Insurgent after UO Student Zachary White filed a grievance alleging that “[t]he articles lacked any analytical or scholary (sic) value, rather [they] were derogatory and discriminatory in nature” and were “a clear case of discrimination being funded by the student incidental fee.” Seeing as how White failed to actually list any sort of violation of the Green Tape Notebook, Goward ruled that the Insurgent was not in violation of any of the rules.

  1. […] UO Student Zachary White was the first to file a grievance against the Insurgent. Here’s the first post of our coverage on that, and here’s our coverage of when the ASUO ruled against him. […]

  2. Evan says:

    This is a tricky gray area.

  3. Goward says:

    Ok… I see how it is, I protect freedom of speech and your right to to publish what you want… and I get no response, very sad!

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