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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

5/24 Student Senate Meeting

It’s 7:10 and the meeting’s beginning. Senator Dallas Brown has made a motion to add his resolution regarding the Insurgent to the agenda, which Senator Sara Hamilton has seconded. I’ll be doing occasional updates through the comments section as the meeting progresses.

UPDATE: There is no longer a motion for a resolution on the table. Instead there is time set aside for the Senate to discuss the Insurgent.

UPDATE: A majority of the Student Senate has walked out of the meeting rather than discuss the Insurgent’s content. The members who did not walk out were Wally Hicks, Dallas Brown, Kyle McKenzie, Toby Piering, and Natalie Kinsey. Booo to the members who walked. While I don’t think the Senate should have attempted to handle the matter, it’s unreasonable to just walk out of a meeting rather than drop discussion through the proper process. As far as I can tell, Senate can talk about the issue’s content without violating Southworth. Indeed, the Senate itself debated the Emerald’s own coverage of Senate on May 10. (This is admittedly a slightly different scenario since the ODE is a contracted group rather than a student group.)

  1. […] And in related Senate news, they’ve finally gone to the trouble of posting the minutes from the 5/24 Walk Out meeting. Good times. […]

  2. Stephanie EriCKson says:

    If you’re going to impersonate me, at least spell my last name correctly…

  3. Olly says:

    Your point?

  4. Micheal says:

    Letter from the United States Department of Education

  5. Matt says:

    If these people were asking for money on the street, I would be more likely to throw a dirty diaper in their face than put a penny in their jar.

    You carry dirty diapers around with you on a regular basis? In the pocket or the backpack?

    I’m sorry, I really couldn’t help myself on that one… But I got your point, don’t worry.

  6. Andy says:

    LoL Trent!! I’m not sure I’d be thanking God for those people – I’m more inclined to thank God for John Browning.
    I think everyone understands it’s a joke – but that doesn’t change anything concerning the current situation.

  7. Trent Tyree says:

    I’m embarrassed that even a dollar of my money goes toward this insurgent publication. If these people were asking for money on the street, I would be more likely to throw a dirty diaper in their face than put a penny in their jar. Thank God for students like Jacob Daniels who resigned the last three hours of his time in the ASUO, and abandoned any further involvement with UO student government. Thank God for Daniels, Dallas Brown, and others who understand that student government is a joke.

    Trent N. Tyree

  8. Stephanie, you spelled your last name wrong says:

    Stephanie, you spelled your last name wrong

  9. Stephanie Ericson says:

    I was for moving the agenda around, did you notice?

  10. questioner says:

    some people who knew of the plan just left because their was no meeting.who left because of what reasons? i dunno, but evryone can prob guess.

  11. Miles Rost says:

    I would have rather had a-ha come to the U of O. At least there I’d have more fun.

  12. Timothy says:

    Next it’ll be Quasi, and then the end times will be nigh.

  13. Nate says:

    David… I’m sorry but you would get your ass kicked by the commy Dallas! And trust me everyone would win as a result.

    Either way, both of you don’t matter anymore… the new administration is going to take out the trash, and your the first to go!

    Ohh and in case you were not all at the senate meeting OZOMATLI is coming to the UO!!!!

  14. Timothy says:

    Most idiots don’t like the outcome, anyone with two neurons to rub together understands that snuffing out unpopular speech is the last thing anybody wants to do. I, for one, am perfectly happy with the outcome.

  15. Goward says:

    Hey Anti-Goward- Just for some clarification 1) I am the permanent Co-Director of DDS and will be in that position for the next year. Dallas’s little tirade to get me out failed… funny. 2) The audience and I would win the cage match 3) If I practiced non-view point neutrality this Christian would have beat the insurgent down into purgatory, but because I did not, I followed the little thing they call the law… and made a decision. Take it to court, debate it where ever… it is legal, right and even though most do not like the outcome, it was correct!

  16. Matt says:


  17. Matt says:

    Bill O

  18. Niedermeyer says:

    “This petty opportunism does not reflect well on our university at all”

    Sometimes petty opportunism can only be fought with petty opportunism. It seems to me that this entire shitstorm has been created because of widespread ignorance of the laws and circumstances surrounding these cartoons. Bill O’Reilly is single handedly creating a perception of our campus as afraid of confronting the left-wing crazies which he claims run things around here. The Senate walkout did nothing but confirm that perception. The fact that senators had no faith in their ability to stand up to Dallas’s woefully inept arguments was plainly displayed by their hiding behind a law which in no way proscribes discussion of fee-funded content. Notch up one more squandered “teachable moment” for the home team.

  19. Miles Rost says:

    And when I mean tested, I mean as “in progress”.

    Just to be fair.

  20. Miles Rost says:

    DaVinci Code = Fiction; Insurgent = Fiction.

    The Bible = Still being tested.

  21. confused student says:

    time out. i am confused. the DaVinci code says that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelane and that they had a child. The Bible says he was never married. The Insurgent suggests that he is gay. What is the truth? I need to know. Please help.

  22. Miles Rost says:

    I second Ian’s statement above mine.

  23. Ian says:

    The audience.

  24. Inquiring Minds want to know says:

    Feature Bout, battle of the DDS co-directors. Dallas Brown versus David Goward…cage fight to the death…who wins?

  25. Toby says:

    Gonna have to ditto Ian. These concerns can always be addressed in a greivance. Nonetheless, walking out was entirely unprofessional.

  26. Ian says:

    This petty opportunism does not reflect well on our university at all.

    While I disagree with you on the merits of Senators walking out of the meeting, I entirely agree on this point. Putting on a show for prospective donors ignorant of the law would seem to be more pornographic in nature than what the Insurgent printed.

  27. Timothy says:

    Tyler: The joke is truly on me, then.

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